Sunday, August 19, 2012

Will anyone read this?

I'm the worst... I haven't updated my blog in 4 months. And when I did, it was about LAST SUMMER. I have missed blogging about whole year.

My sister told me I should just shut 'er down. I'm not convinced. Yet.

Possible reasons for my absence (... annnd just had to Google how to spell absence):

1. I have Twitter now (@as_per_danielle) so I can share my every thought when it comes to me in a short, controlled sentence. No need to form these thoughts into proper paragraphs, edit them, and post them on here.

2. I've mentioned before that some people take this blog the wrong way. As in, I go on a lot of dates, post about them, and therefore am a "slut." I'll have guys telling me "Don't put this on your blog." They don't realize that I don't blog everything, and about everyone. These are mostly one-off bad dates or funny situations. I thought that maybe if I cooled it on the blogging guys wouldn't be scared away. Well, still single. There goes that idea.

3. I work full time now. And I'm old(-ish).When I come home from work I want to lay around and do nothing. Not do more work. And when you have a year of events to discuss, believe me, it's work.

4. Also on the being old front... I don't do as much cool shit anymore. I mean, my life is pretty fun; I have great friends and a crazy family and still get myself in to situations where people go "Only you, Danielle" ... but not on as regular of a basis. No one wants to read this blog: "Woke up, worked, watched tv, went to bed at 10pm.

Does anyone have any ideas? Shut it down as old history? Keep it up and find some way to stay motivated? Me no know what to do!