Thursday, April 05, 2012


The day after the patio I texted the mutual friend to see how he was feeling... clearly not too well. I asked him if he remembered everything about the day before and he said no, so I asked him what he did remember and he said "not much."

Either he was too drunk to remember anything (doubtful) or he was a super liar. I didn't really get it because when someone's that drunk they tend to speak the truth. Maybe he was just trying to get me for that one night and I didn't stay so that's that.

We texted back and forth randomly here and there after that... he wanted to know if I was coming to our friend's bday in Whistler... and offered to have a threesome with me and his new girlfriend who he said is super hot.

I was definitely done.

PS. I creeped her... she's not that hot.

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