Saturday, April 07, 2012

Interesting Message I Received

I thought about editing it, but I think it's better as-is:

"Your absolutely beautiful sweetheart. cute. sexy. Thats the perfect combination, and you seem like a really nice girl. This message is just to give you the idea of the kinda guy ud be talking to. Im the kinda guy thats nice, im very respectful. If you wanna get to know me to, id be the kinda guy, that you might find interesting. The guy that would have that sense of humour that would make you laugh lol, put a smile on your pretty face. I like to joke arround, im kinda sarcastic, sightly cocky, but not in the bad way. I like to try to make the best of everything and everything fun. im positive, id say im a variety. The kinda guy that can be sensative, open minded, doesnt hold back, but is strong minded about it. Meaning, ill tell you what i think, and be straight up pretty much lol, if u can grasp what i mean lol. I can really be a dick, but if u respect me, id give ya the shirt off my back. I wanted to tell you about myself, because, i find you to be really cute. You have really nice eyes, You have an uplifting gorgeous smile. You are the perfect combination of cute and sexy. The beauty i see in you is what got me here, but the girl you are that im more curious about, personality is what would keep us talking if theres compatibility. Looks are the bait, personality is the hook.
Hope you can appretiate that and understand that lol. You seem like an intersting girl, and im intrigued to find out more. I wanted to give you the idea of what kinda guy ud be getting to know if this was mutual, and you wrote me back.
weather u th├Čnk youd like a guy like me or not.
Read my profile, and if you think we would get along. Lets talk and figure it out
besides that, hope you dont mind a longer message. Just think ud be a good girl to know. You Got my attenion. I put it all down for an intoduction because i noticed, ur looking for something real. You look great, and if ur a caring kinda girl. im interested
And for the gift i gave ya. All im trying to say is, girl you are soo damn sexy, if u were on of the girls on that chick show called the bachelor, i swear, looking at u as the work of at that u are and every small detail added making u the gorgeous lady u are. Sweetheart, you would have enough roses stacked to make a bouquette ;) I dont mean to sound so plain and origional. Im just, going arround what any other guy would usually tell ya. WHy, because im impressed by what i see, when my eyes see you. A famous artist once defined beauty as something so practical, basically perfect, where no parts have to be removed, changed, or added to. Thx for being the perfect example."

One word: YIKES!


Rebecca Condron said...

First thing I've read on your blog... what a stud. Tempted to fight you for him ;)

Danielle said...

You think I'm gonna give him up that easily? I feel a catfight coming on!

Meerb said...

I think your emotions in your blog are completely honest to you and your friends/readers. Thanks for sharing.

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