Thursday, April 05, 2012

I Heart Point Roberts!

The last weekend in August we had a family sleepover at my aunt and uncle's cottage in Point Roberts. (They call it a cottage... really it's a sweet, full-sized house.)

I had to work all day, so I headed down myself after work. You know what takes you longer to get there? When you don't turn on the right street and end up at the ferry terminal. Thanks for the directions, Dad.

I got there in time for some appies: guacamole with shrimp in it. Interesting. And my uncle was making me white grape martinis... delish!

Then it was time for the Mexican cook off. One half of the family made enchiladas, and I made create your own quesadillas. (Super easy: Mix salsa and cream cheese and spread onto a tortilla to make everything stick... Have cut up peppers, onions and chicken... also black beans, cheddar and monterey jack. Everyone puts what they want on half the tortilla. Then fold in half and fry like a grilled cheese on low until the cheese melts and it gets golden brown. Sooo good!)

As the night went on we kept drinking and kept eating... then went on a walk down to the beach.

Out there you're far away from the city and there are no streetlights so it's pitch black... but once you get your bearings you can see the stars so well. I even saw my first shooting star!

At the point the grown-ups started getting sleepy. My uncle kept falling asleep mid-sentence in his chair, and when we'd wake him up he'd raise his head and go "Ya Mon" in a Jamaican accent, only to fall asleep again 2 minutes later.  Then my aunt fell asleep curled up on the floor. That's just the kind of family we are.

I slept in the foyer on a flattened lounge chair. That's what I get for being the only single one in a limited-bedroom house.

In the morning we had coffee and went for a hike. It's really neat because there are areas on the ende of the cliff that are being erroded away... sort of interesting. My aunt (a decorator) wanted us to find rocks that had been smoothed into a perfect sphere by the sea. Most of mine were rejected but I think she kept one in the "yes" pile.

After the exercise we filled ourselves with bacon, and headed home.

Going through the border on the way back the guy asked me to roll down my back window. I was like "Ummm I have a 'ree ree' " and made a motion of cranking open the window. I guess he though my ghetto windows were safe, so he let me go through.

I hope I was a good girl and get invited again this year!


Nicole said...

haha! I didn't know about Carols smoothed out rocks....that's funny "I think one made the "yes" pile" lol...

Meerb said...

Pretty good post! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.