Thursday, April 05, 2012

Farewell, Vancouver Rooftop Patio

At the end of August my friend with the rooftop patio was moving out of his place... so an open invitation was sent out to come enjoy it while we can. A girlfriend and I decided that we'd take him up on it, so on a bright, sunny Sunday we grabbed our swimsuits, and headed downtown.

We set up by the pool and enjoyed some tanning and some swimming, and some more tanning.

It was a fun day, because different groups kept showing up: the girl he's seeing, a dude from Italy, a pack of Irish guys, and then one of our mutual friends that I'd had a crush on-and-off with forever and had been flirting with recently came up.

My friend who lived there had gone out the night before was super hungover, and the mutual friend had stopped and made him a hangover kit: Grey Goose, gum, toothbrush and toothpaste, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Red Bull, Pringles, condoms etc. It was really sweet of him... and then he pulled out another 3 for the rest of us! I was stunned to get a present... He'd clearly put in a lot of effort and money. What a guy!

I day-drank to get a bit of a buzz, but had to work the next day so stopped early. As the day went on I got more sober, and everyone else got more drunk. First there was an incident where the guy I was crushing on tried to kiss my friend in the kitchen, and it was a he-said, she-said about whether it was just a friendly peck or more. Yikes. Then the strata council lady (who looked familiar, I guess she's on the news) came up on the roof and asked us who was smoking up there... because a bush on one of the patios below us was on fire. Super yikes! It wasn't us... but a bunch of the guys grabbed some buckets and put the fire out with some pool water.

Then I had a convo with crush guy. He was pretty drunk at this point... so the words were flowing. I was mad that he'd tried to kiss my friend, and he told me he'd never do that  because she'd dated one of his friends for a long time, and was just trying to console her (which I won't give away all her secrets, but made sense.) He then told me he brought the little goodie bags because he knew I'd be there, and that he's always been attracted to me because I was low-maintenance and had a good head on my shoulders. So... we made out a bit. He told me I was a good kisser, but not as good as him. He said that like 6 times. He kept trying to get me to stay the night, even saying he'd pay what I was going to earn at work the next day so I didn't have to work! He told me he'd buy me boobs, he told me he'd take me away for the weekend. He told me a lot of things. During dinner he kept telling everyone that we're getting married... even other random people on the patio.

After that I had to take off... so I kissed him and told him to call me. I ended up feeling like shit in the morning and called in sick to work anyways. I should have just kept drinking and crashed! Pshhh

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That makes complete sense!It sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing.