Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Leah's Baptism

As I'd basically behaved myself the night before, I wasn't too hungover for church the day after the wedding.

We sat through the regular sermon before the pastor got to the baptism part. I didn't really pay attention, not really my thing. Normally, I'd people watch, but couldn't because they sat us in the VIP section aka the front row. Luckily the pastor wasn't a spitty talker, or we'd have been in the splash zone.

They brought all the kids in the congregation up the the front to sit around Leah while they prayed and shit. The best part was that one little boy was hamming it up to the audience... first he'd give a thumbs up and see how they reacted, then a thumbs down, then hovered between... like he was the pharoh deciding whether the gladiator got to live or die.

After that they played a slide show of Leah pictures. She is one cute kid.

Then they holy moley'd her (I'm assuming that's what they call it when she gets holy water dumped on her head. If they don't, they should.) She didn't even cry. That water must be "No More Tears®"

After that we got to leave and have lunch at my brother-in-law's parent's house. There was dessert. Delightful.


Nicole said...

oh wow....plus I'm pretty sure they did the baptism before the sermon so you REALLY didn't pay attention...

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