Friday, January 13, 2012

Cancer Fundraiser 2011

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while (aka my sister) you know that my friends Chris and Jamie put on a huge cancer fundraiser every year, and this year was no exception. We typically do it in their dad's backyard, but considering this was the first fundraiser after our friend Shaun lost his life to cancer, we decided to go a little bigger this time... and have a beach party in the sand of the volleyball courts behind the Langley Events Centre!

Along with the tickets for the party, cash is raised in a huge raffle. I was pretty proud of myself for getting a shitload of raffle prizes donated. Big thanks to those who came through for me :)

The day of the party was sunny and warm... there were hammocks, palm trees, baby pools and lots and lots of alcohol. They were only lacking in one department: Port-O-Potties. At one point before more were shipped in, the line for the bathroom was about a half hour long. Luckily I'm known for making friends in bathroom lines.

There were a few special guests too... Default, The Boombox Saints and the Tito Deville band. Dre Morel DJ'd... and Flipout was there too, even though he didn't do much! Sorry dude, you're not famous enough to just "make an appearance." Maybe if you were Kim Kardasian... or even Snooki.

I spent the relaxin' day on a beach blanket with some of my besties... and being in Langley you couldn't walk 2 steps without bumping into someone you know. Even my friends in other towns were like "Oh, you're at that cancer party? I heard about that!"

Once the sun went down it got really cold, really fast (Worst summer weather in the history of my life this year!)... so after a quick trip home to throw on some jeans and a hoodie (and to my friends to feed her new kittens... sooo cute) I was ready to go for round 2.

The next morning I got up early and went to the field to help out... mmm picking gum and cigarette butts out of the sand... tasty! I also then volunteered myself to be on bottle-depot-duty. I literally stood at the depot for over an hour throwing bag after bag of sticky cans and bottles onto the table... even having to wait for my friend Chris to get a third truckful of bags. All together we raised over $400 in empties, though!

At the end of the day the fundraiser was super successful... $105,940 raised with a hundred percent proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society! We did good, kids. We did good.

Special Karma aside: I won a raffle prize! Canucks tickets and a night at the Westin! :) And no, it was not fixed!

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