Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework!

In the middle of July I did something awesome... Attended a Katy Perry Concert! Yay! I headed downtown to meet my friends Elise and Danielle. (Our other friend cannot be named as he/she called in sick to come with us.)

Oh, wait... I just met up with Danielle, because Elise was lucky enough to weasel herself into a meet-n-greet with Katy! She's apparently super cute with a tiny figure, and is very nice in person.

We were in row 1, by where centre ice would be (not on the floor) and the seats were great. As you'd assume the concert was a lot of fun. They followed a storyline of Katy working for a nasty butcher and ends up in a crazy candyland with a cute boy. It bugs me to this day that I can't place the male they had in the videos. Anyone out there knows please let me know! I'm guessing it was like some show on the CW.

There were lots of colourful costume changes ... and at one point Katy even hovered by us on a cotton-candy cloud. And speaking of cotton candy... the entire stadium smelled like it!

At one point she yelled that her husband was coming out... and then he didn't. I felt kind of gipped. There was a special guest though: Kitty Purry!!!

The best part of the concert was when she performed one of my favourite songs of all time: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." I screamed like a school girl!


Yanis said...

Great! It's obviously that you had fun :)

Meerb said...

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