Thursday, December 15, 2011


In June I went to see the musical Wicked with some family. Yes, I'm a big nerd and I love musicals. (Except the Mamma Mia DVD... UGH kill me).

You may recall I went to see The Lion King last year with my friend Nick, so I was stoked to see this one.

My parents had seen it previously in New York, and my cousin has seen it 3 times, so I figured I wouldn't be dissapointed, and I wasn't.

The storyline is about the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz... but it focuses on her gorwing up and how she became how she is. It really gives you a different perspective on the whole thing. (Not that you'd thought so hard about the subject before.)

I won't give it all away, but I definitely recommend it. Next stop... Beauty and the Beast if anyone wants to go!

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