Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ladies' Night... Family Style

In June my mom, sister and I headed down to Tulalip for a little shopping and gambling.

On the way down we stopped in Bellingham for breakfast... which included mimosas. We were on vacation, ok!

We're way too cheap to stay at the actual Tulalip Resort so we stayed at the Holiday Inn (I think.) We did get free cookies upon check-in. You can't beat that.

After a little shopping we headed out for dinner and decided on a Mexican place. The food was good, but the drinks left a little to be desired. I ordered a mojito, but it came sort of half-blended, like they'd used the ice from the bottom of the barrel. I asked the waitress to take it back and strain it, or get some bigger ice cubes... but she didn't really speak English that well. (I don't get how there are basically no Latin people in BC, but you go 30 mins across the border and they only speak Spanish.)

Next stop... the shuttle to the Casino! We were packed onto the shuttle with a girls' volleyball team and their parents. One of the girls managed to get onto the shuttle without shoes, and while she was waiting for her dad to fetch her shoes from the room the bus left. I have no idea if she got into the casino like that.

It took a while, but some seats opened up at the 3-Card Poker table. My sister was out of cash almost immediately, my mom not long after, but I was on a roll! I kept hitting 3 of a kinds and straights.

The guy next to me, in his mid-30's to 40's, was chatting me up much to the amusement of my sister. At one point I asked her to grab me a drink and passed her my purse. "I can't find your wallet with all these comdoms in here!" She yelled. I guess that's what sisters are for.

Eventually they got tired of waiting and made me leave. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel. They had the coolest machine ever. Maybe I'm behind on the times if I think this is awesome... but it's a machine where you press the button and it makes a fresh pancake for you! Delish! Then we did a little more shopping and headed home. It was a nice way to spend a weekend.

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