Thursday, December 15, 2011


The day after Wicked I went on a first date with a new boy. (Yes, obviously he's new if it's a first date. Thanks for coming out, me.)

He seemed promising... good job (he works at the border crossing), nice condo in South Surrey, stable family, and cute ... but a little short.

I drove out to his place where we had a glass of wine and watched the Canucks game. This was during the playoffs, but after we got scored on the 3rd time in a row we gave up and headed to the White Rock strip for some dinner.

Dinner went well and the conversation was flowing. He kept telling me I was pretty and complimented my dress. While we walked back to the car he put his arm around me to steer me clear of the crowds.

We got back to his place and chatted for a bit before I headed home. It wasn't that late, but I had to work the next day.

He walked me to my car, where we chatted a little bit more. As we were down there a limo full of drunk guys drove by. His neighbour and his friends had gone to the game and were now getting dropped off.

"So," border guy said to me, "Do you want to give them a show?"

I laughed. "Um... ok?"

He leaned in and kissed me. I have to admit, it wasn't my best work. I'm not scared of PDA, but first kisses are always a little nerve-wracking anyways, and I'm pretty sure the limo dudes were fully watching. I might even have had one eye open.

I drove home... and never heard from border guy again.

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Yanis said...

Interesting...thanks for sharing. Why hasn't he called again, what do you think? And if you're interested, why don't you call him?