Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teddy's Wedding

At the end of May my friend Teddy from dental hygiene school got married. Yes, a male hygienist. And who did he marry? Not only a dentist, but our teacher from school, Ann! (To give them some credit they DID wait until we were finished school to start dating.)

Anyways Teddy is Chinese and Ann is Indian, so it was quite a mix.

It was smaller than your average Indian wedding... and it was really nice of them to email us crackers some info about what was going on beforehand so we weren't totally lost. They kept the ceremony short and sweet (compared to the typical over and hour) and actually started on time. After the ceremony we headed into the basement of the temple for some lunch. The best part is getting served prison-style on divided metal trays and water glasses. The food is all vegetarian and delicious.

After that we had a bunch of time to kill, so I went with a couple of the girls to go see a movie. Then we headed back to one of their houses to get dressed in our sarees for the reception.

The reception was amazing. Free (top shelf) booze, and delicious Indian appies. They had the typical ones, as well as these little things that looked like cream puffs, but you put this flavoured water in it and eat it in one bite... interesting. The buffet was good too. All Indian except one dish... chow mein. They also did a chinese tea ceremony.

After eating we danced the night away. It was a mix of Indian music and hip hop. They played Neyo's "Tonight" about 4 times. I can never hear it without thinking of the wedding. Most people headed home early; It was a Sunday... but a few of us shut the place down.

I spent the night at a hotel. Alone. Which was a first, and sort of strange. But kind of fun. Thanks to my friend for getting me a deal... you know who you are :)


LearningByReading said...

Chinese and Indians make beautiful babies. Health and happiness.

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