Sunday, November 06, 2011

Mexico - Playa del Carmen

On the fourth day we decided to actually venture off the resort grounds. When I had been on an Alaskan Cruise in 2009 I had met a girl from Mexico, who was on the boat visiting some friends who worked on it. Valeria lives in Cancun, but she met us halfway in Playa del Carmen for a visit.

My friend and I took a bus/shuttle into town. It's the same ones that the locals take; you basically stand by the side of the road until they pull over and pack in with everyone. There are lots of stops at the different resorts, but it's only 3 dollars or something crazy like that.

Before we even left the resort I'd noticed that I had little black bits of something all over me... turned out my cheap "pleather" purse was coming off on my arms. I bought a new purse stat and threw the old one in the garbage.

The ride took about an hour and we arrived in town. THIS was what I was expecting when I came to Mexico. Whitesand beaches with pristine blue/green water. We were a little early, so we grabbed a drink at the swing bar directly on the beach. Cross that one off the bucket list!

We met my friend at Senor Frog's and had some large, slushy drinks, then decided to grab some lunch. I wanted to go somewhere authentic, so Valeria chatted up a guy in a store. He sent us to a restaurant called Restaurant Maquech. They didn't speak any English, and the food was the best I had all trip. We started with chicken and rice soup, then had chicken enchiladas with mole sauce. We asked for a beer and they brought it in a clay tea cup - apparently they don't have a liquor license!

That night we had dinner at the resort, then watched the Canucks play again (we won 7-3 btw.) I enjoyed sitting outside at the hacienda... but I was being eaten alive by mosquitos! Myself and one other girl in our party were just covered. My legs had huge welts all over them. I was chewing Benadryl like it was going out of style!

We also enjoyed some mojitos that night. Note to anyone traveling to Mexico: If they run out of rum they'll substitute any other liquor hoping you won't notice (In my case it was Tequila.) And when you're using your mojito as a chaser for a tequila shot it's a rude awakening!

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