Friday, November 18, 2011

Mexico - The Last Day

The day after the wedding I felt much better, and was glad, because my friend Abraham was coming to visit me at the resort! I'd met him back in 2005, when he was the sports/entertainment guy at our hotel. (Read more about that vacay here.)

He met us at our room and then we walked down to the pool. In the room he mentioned that he'd read my blog about him and that it was very... interesting. I pretended I didn't remember what I'd written. I mean who knew people in Mexico read my blog?!

Even though it was sort of awkward to see Abraham at first since it had been like 6 years, we got back into the swing of things and it was nice to catch up. Anytime he left to grab a drink etc the girls were harassing me: "Are you dating? Is that your boyfriend?"

It was a lovely day. We drank, tanned, splashed in the pool and played volleyball. And when I say we played volleyball I mean everyone else played while I watched.

Everyone was also asking Abraham random questions about being Mexican. One of the comments was "But you don't look Mexican." I think he was sort of offended, but really he DOESN'T look Mexican. He's not short and his head isn't that round and his hair isn't black. It's just the truth. Sorry.

This was also the day my nose started peeling. It was gross.

After chilling in the pool all day we had dinner at Don Pablos, one of the nice restaurants. It was a great day to end a great week.

We woke up early and headed home. Time to start planning my next trip!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent day! I went to Mexico with my Dad last summer. It was so hot there. We never went out of the room, as I was almost burned on the first day. The only thing I could do - read the's news blog. They were my saviors at that time.