Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mexico - Day 2 and 3 Highlights

The first couple days we basically slept in and lounged around the pool. We were on the caribbean side of the country, but were so far away from Cancun that the beach wasn't very nice. It was rocky with bits of hard coral, and there was a little seawall that blocked people from entering the water in most areas. Not to mention red flags (meaning no swimming) half the time. So, various pools it was.

The swim-up bar was awesome. I even got a new delicious drink... A Michelada. Sort of like a Caesar, but no Clamato. It was a really nice way to break up all the fruity drinks.

I did a little light reading (Schindler's List) and a bit of heavy tanning.

A few nights we hit up the disco at the resort. It's weird being at a club and not paying for drinks.

A couple of us gals also decided at one point that skinny dipping in the ocean was a good idea. Seriously, it was fun, but I managed to scrape my knee on some coral... then we thought we saw a security guard, so we were scrambling to get dressed, and my friend lost her hair clip. Drunk as she was, finding that clip submerged in sand in the pitch-blackness seemed like the most important thing ever. Needless to say we didn't find it. The next day I had 4 vertical scrapes on my knee from the coral. It looked like I got scratched by a baby tiger.

We also had dinner one of the nights at the teppanyaki restaurant. By a stroke of luck a few people didn't show for their reservation, so we got to sit at the "show table." Those Mexicans gave the Japanese a run for their money. The show and dinner were both impressive!

Needless to say we drank... a lot. Enough for me to have to put my friend to bed. She was lying, fully clothed on her bed. I started with her shoes. Then asked her if she wanted pajamas. She said yes, so I asked where they were. She didn't know. I decided to tuck her in anyways. I was trying to explain to her if she wanted under the covers she had to roll in one direction, then back, but that was not computing... so I did what I could and wrapped her up like a little burrito. Very fitting.

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