Sunday, November 06, 2011

Mexican Wedding Day!

The day that we came on the trip for had arrived: It was the wedding day! Unfortunately, I woke up with a bit of a cold. It wasn't really a surprise; I have the worst immune system in the world and when I've been up drinking all night for a few in a row my body will show me who's boss.

We lounged by the pool most of the day. The bride and groom had no problem seeing each other. I guess the rules are a little different when you're on location. The bridal party left early to get their hair done, and I did a bit of tanning. Maybe a bit too much... I was a little more lobsteresque than golden goddess.

We got ready for the wedding and headed to the beach. The ceremony was short and sweet, and made even better by the observers in speedos. One of them was even crying.

After that we headed to the pool area which had been roped off for the reception. They had a BBQ buffet... definitely better than the buffet we'd eaten most nights. We ate and drank and the speeches were really sweet.

The combination of sunstroke and my head cold were getting to me, though. The reception shut down pretty early and most guests headed to the hacienda to keep the party going. I headed to our room to lie in my bed and watch TV.

Note to self: Save the hardcore tanning until AFTER the main event next time!

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