Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teddy's Wedding

At the end of May my friend Teddy from dental hygiene school got married. Yes, a male hygienist. And who did he marry? Not only a dentist, but our teacher from school, Ann! (To give them some credit they DID wait until we were finished school to start dating.)

Anyways Teddy is Chinese and Ann is Indian, so it was quite a mix.

It was smaller than your average Indian wedding... and it was really nice of them to email us crackers some info about what was going on beforehand so we weren't totally lost. They kept the ceremony short and sweet (compared to the typical over and hour) and actually started on time. After the ceremony we headed into the basement of the temple for some lunch. The best part is getting served prison-style on divided metal trays and water glasses. The food is all vegetarian and delicious.

After that we had a bunch of time to kill, so I went with a couple of the girls to go see a movie. Then we headed back to one of their houses to get dressed in our sarees for the reception.

The reception was amazing. Free (top shelf) booze, and delicious Indian appies. They had the typical ones, as well as these little things that looked like cream puffs, but you put this flavoured water in it and eat it in one bite... interesting. The buffet was good too. All Indian except one dish... chow mein. They also did a chinese tea ceremony.

After eating we danced the night away. It was a mix of Indian music and hip hop. They played Neyo's "Tonight" about 4 times. I can never hear it without thinking of the wedding. Most people headed home early; It was a Sunday... but a few of us shut the place down.

I spent the night at a hotel. Alone. Which was a first, and sort of strange. But kind of fun. Thanks to my friend for getting me a deal... you know who you are :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Miracle!

I never thought I'd see the day that I read Maclean's magazine on a regular basis, but it's happened. My grade 10-11 social studies teacher would be so proud. Shout out Ms Kawaguchi! (aka "the Gooch")

And no, that is not the miracle. Read on.

At lunch today I read that a scientist at UBC is developing a wine that doesn't cause headaches! I guess I'm part of the 30% of the population that's allergic to something in white/light red wines, becaue sometimes I have a glass and can't drink more becaues my head hurts. But, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel!

Read more here at the Maclean's website.

Mexico - The Last Day

The day after the wedding I felt much better, and was glad, because my friend Abraham was coming to visit me at the resort! I'd met him back in 2005, when he was the sports/entertainment guy at our hotel. (Read more about that vacay here.)

He met us at our room and then we walked down to the pool. In the room he mentioned that he'd read my blog about him and that it was very... interesting. I pretended I didn't remember what I'd written. I mean who knew people in Mexico read my blog?!

Even though it was sort of awkward to see Abraham at first since it had been like 6 years, we got back into the swing of things and it was nice to catch up. Anytime he left to grab a drink etc the girls were harassing me: "Are you dating? Is that your boyfriend?"

It was a lovely day. We drank, tanned, splashed in the pool and played volleyball. And when I say we played volleyball I mean everyone else played while I watched.

Everyone was also asking Abraham random questions about being Mexican. One of the comments was "But you don't look Mexican." I think he was sort of offended, but really he DOESN'T look Mexican. He's not short and his head isn't that round and his hair isn't black. It's just the truth. Sorry.

This was also the day my nose started peeling. It was gross.

After chilling in the pool all day we had dinner at Don Pablos, one of the nice restaurants. It was a great day to end a great week.

We woke up early and headed home. Time to start planning my next trip!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Mexican Wedding Day!

The day that we came on the trip for had arrived: It was the wedding day! Unfortunately, I woke up with a bit of a cold. It wasn't really a surprise; I have the worst immune system in the world and when I've been up drinking all night for a few in a row my body will show me who's boss.

We lounged by the pool most of the day. The bride and groom had no problem seeing each other. I guess the rules are a little different when you're on location. The bridal party left early to get their hair done, and I did a bit of tanning. Maybe a bit too much... I was a little more lobsteresque than golden goddess.

We got ready for the wedding and headed to the beach. The ceremony was short and sweet, and made even better by the observers in speedos. One of them was even crying.

After that we headed to the pool area which had been roped off for the reception. They had a BBQ buffet... definitely better than the buffet we'd eaten most nights. We ate and drank and the speeches were really sweet.

The combination of sunstroke and my head cold were getting to me, though. The reception shut down pretty early and most guests headed to the hacienda to keep the party going. I headed to our room to lie in my bed and watch TV.

Note to self: Save the hardcore tanning until AFTER the main event next time!

Mexico - Day Cinco

Day five was like this blog posting. Short and sweet:

1. Pool all day
2. Dinner at the Italian restaurant. It was delicious.
3. Make wedding favours for the next day (aka tying ribbon around maracas.)

It was a good day.

Mexico - Playa del Carmen

On the fourth day we decided to actually venture off the resort grounds. When I had been on an Alaskan Cruise in 2009 I had met a girl from Mexico, who was on the boat visiting some friends who worked on it. Valeria lives in Cancun, but she met us halfway in Playa del Carmen for a visit.

My friend and I took a bus/shuttle into town. It's the same ones that the locals take; you basically stand by the side of the road until they pull over and pack in with everyone. There are lots of stops at the different resorts, but it's only 3 dollars or something crazy like that.

Before we even left the resort I'd noticed that I had little black bits of something all over me... turned out my cheap "pleather" purse was coming off on my arms. I bought a new purse stat and threw the old one in the garbage.

The ride took about an hour and we arrived in town. THIS was what I was expecting when I came to Mexico. Whitesand beaches with pristine blue/green water. We were a little early, so we grabbed a drink at the swing bar directly on the beach. Cross that one off the bucket list!

We met my friend at Senor Frog's and had some large, slushy drinks, then decided to grab some lunch. I wanted to go somewhere authentic, so Valeria chatted up a guy in a store. He sent us to a restaurant called Restaurant Maquech. They didn't speak any English, and the food was the best I had all trip. We started with chicken and rice soup, then had chicken enchiladas with mole sauce. We asked for a beer and they brought it in a clay tea cup - apparently they don't have a liquor license!

That night we had dinner at the resort, then watched the Canucks play again (we won 7-3 btw.) I enjoyed sitting outside at the hacienda... but I was being eaten alive by mosquitos! Myself and one other girl in our party were just covered. My legs had huge welts all over them. I was chewing Benadryl like it was going out of style!

We also enjoyed some mojitos that night. Note to anyone traveling to Mexico: If they run out of rum they'll substitute any other liquor hoping you won't notice (In my case it was Tequila.) And when you're using your mojito as a chaser for a tequila shot it's a rude awakening!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mexico - Day 2 and 3 Highlights

The first couple days we basically slept in and lounged around the pool. We were on the caribbean side of the country, but were so far away from Cancun that the beach wasn't very nice. It was rocky with bits of hard coral, and there was a little seawall that blocked people from entering the water in most areas. Not to mention red flags (meaning no swimming) half the time. So, various pools it was.

The swim-up bar was awesome. I even got a new delicious drink... A Michelada. Sort of like a Caesar, but no Clamato. It was a really nice way to break up all the fruity drinks.

I did a little light reading (Schindler's List) and a bit of heavy tanning.

A few nights we hit up the disco at the resort. It's weird being at a club and not paying for drinks.

A couple of us gals also decided at one point that skinny dipping in the ocean was a good idea. Seriously, it was fun, but I managed to scrape my knee on some coral... then we thought we saw a security guard, so we were scrambling to get dressed, and my friend lost her hair clip. Drunk as she was, finding that clip submerged in sand in the pitch-blackness seemed like the most important thing ever. Needless to say we didn't find it. The next day I had 4 vertical scrapes on my knee from the coral. It looked like I got scratched by a baby tiger.

We also had dinner one of the nights at the teppanyaki restaurant. By a stroke of luck a few people didn't show for their reservation, so we got to sit at the "show table." Those Mexicans gave the Japanese a run for their money. The show and dinner were both impressive!

Needless to say we drank... a lot. Enough for me to have to put my friend to bed. She was lying, fully clothed on her bed. I started with her shoes. Then asked her if she wanted pajamas. She said yes, so I asked where they were. She didn't know. I decided to tuck her in anyways. I was trying to explain to her if she wanted under the covers she had to roll in one direction, then back, but that was not computing... so I did what I could and wrapped her up like a little burrito. Very fitting.