Friday, October 21, 2011

Whistler Weekend

Over Easter weekend I took a little ladies' trip up to Whistler, and it was just what I needed to relax and have some fun. I met my girlfriend at her place downtown, we loaded her SUV and hit the road with Katy Perry blasting the whole way. Except for a few seconds when I thought she was going to run a red light and kill us, the trip up went nicely.

We were there during the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and one of her friends works for a promotions company, so we were lucky enough to be able to crash on his pull-out couch at the Westin! We couldn't get a hold of him right away to get into the hotel room, so we decided to grab a drink on a patio in the village. It was so warm that we were actually sitting there in our tank tops and sunglasses, the first time that year!

After hearing from her friend we settled into our room, got ready and hit the town. She has a discount card for The Keg, so we headed to Brandy's Bar to share some drinks and appies and watch our Canuckies kick ass! We were hooked up, too! The bar manager Casper, (yes, like the friendly ghost) kept the drinks coming.

Apres-dinner we were supposed to meet up with her friend who was getting us into some snowboarder party, and he kept making us wait longer and longer, so he said to head back to the hotel bar and have some drinks on him. We're not ones to say no to that, so off we went. And seriously, saying "charge it it to my room," just makes me feel cool.

Finally we met up with the friend who got us into the party at the Garibaldi Lift Company (or as the cool kids call it GLC.) It was awesome. We got so many dirty looks from people waiting in line. Suckers! It turned out that they were holding the Big Air competition right beside us; the restaurant patio was overlooking the kill. It was sweet; they were jumping and flipping and pyrotechnics were going off! We had a couple drinks and mingled a bit. Two guys kept making eye contact and finally came over. They were businessmen from Seattle and a lot of fun. There is a slight chance that we made out with them... But as much as they asked, nothing more, we're good girls!

The next morning we grabbed some greasy breakfast and drove home. All in all it was a fab girls' trip!

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