Friday, October 21, 2011

Whistler, The Aftermath

A couple days later someting possessed me to look up the Seattle boys on Facebook. For those of you who don't know, I'm basically a master creeper. If I wasn't a hyginenist I should have been a spy or something.

These are my findings:

I discovered what seemed to be my guy's profile, but I wasn't sure, so I checked his friends list and discovered who might be the other guy, but both pics weren't clear. So, I Googled him and found him based only on first name, city and profession. I TOLD you I was a master creeper!

The article had a pic and was about how he'd become the new VP of Sales, at the age of 43. "FORTY-THREE, WHAT THE FUCK!?" Was the first thing that went through my mind. (He'd told me he was 37.) Duuuurty!

Well, that confirmed I had the right guy, so I looked up the friend, and found a blurb about him on a design website. A design company that he ran with... drumroll please... his WIFE!

Seriously, could these guys have been worse?! My amazing internet skills... blessing or curse?

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angelsroy33 said...

Blessing for sure. I have to admit I've done some of the same stuff you are talking about. (heh-heh.) I'm guilty, but at least you found out some good info, whether it be good or bad, right?