Monday, October 31, 2011

Mexico - The First Night

We arrived in Mexico in the afternoon. For those of you who have never been, when you go through customs you have to press a button. If you get a green light you keep walking, if you get a red light you have to stop and get searched.

I told my friend two things before we left:
1) Don't set off the metal detector.
2) Don't get a "red light" in Mexico.
Let's just say she didn't listen either time.

They shooed me through the door as she got searched. A few minutes later she emerged, we grabbed some beers, and hopped on the bus to the resort.

We stayed at the Brand Bahia Principe, aka, the farthest hotel away from town. It was an hour away from Playa del Carmen, meaning 2 from Cancun.

Once we reached the hotel check-in took forever. Luckily they were serving mimosas in line. (Except the OJ is clearly Sunny Delight.) We got our keys and headed to our room.

We took it easy that night. Had some dinner at the buffet, had some drinks at the hacienda, watched the Canucks play on an ancient tv, met some random Canadians. I had a 21-year-old from Calgary hitting on me, who claimed his Grandpa is part owner of the Calgary Flames. He was super cute... even if when I got home and added him to Facebook it turned out he was 18. We played cards with some guys from Edmonto, who we we kept seeing throughout the trip. They were fun, but one of them kept saying "WINNING." Over and over and over. I should probably mention that it was well after it was cool to be saying it.

We headed to bed for a nice sleep-in. We had a pool to discover the next day!

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