Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

As I said, besides the Roxy night, my birthday was pretty low-key this year.

Because my sister and I have birthdays in the same month we usually do a joint dinner out at a night restaurant, so we do something small on our actual birthdays. On the actual date I worked, then went for some sushi with my mom, sister, and little niece. (I'm guessing Dad was away on business.)

We had to go to the sushi place by Colossus because they're both seaweed-adverse (picky, not allergic) and will only eat it wrapped in soy paper instead. (On a note: I just found out they also have it at the place by Spa Utopia, if anyone else has the same problem.)

The year before my sister had picked out a restaurant for our birthdays, and it turned out to be crap. I'm pretty sure it's closed down now. I made a fuss about how I was going to pick this year, and then let her pick again. So, we headed to the Bavaria Restaurant in Abbotsford. They supposedly had new owners and the food was supposed to be good.

The decor of the restaurant was nice, but we were seated next to a family who didn't control their screaming kids the ENTIRE meal. Okay people, here are two choices if you decided to dine at a nice establishment: (1) Leave your damn kids at home, or (2) Shut them the hell up.

The food was mediocre, at best. To start I had a lobster bisque which tasted like a tomatoey, fishy mess. The share plate, sundried tomato and crab dip, was basically congealed, like it was made from fake cheese. The chicken schitzel topped with shrimp and hollandaise, along with plenty fo wine, was the meal's one saving grace, but it was too late. Bavaria: stick to what you know and drop the seafood. Schnitzels for all!

Needless to say, the pick for 2012 will by in my capable hands.


Romaine said...

A belated happy birthday for Sunday.
You know that after turning 30 you have to lie about your age, in the beginning I believe that bra size is appropriate, after some years you can start counting anniversaries of your 18th birthday ;-)

> Needless to say, the pick for 2012 will by in my capable hands.
Leap year and all that I suppose.

> I'm NOT a typical blonde.
So YOU'RE one of the legendary blonde of whom it is written,

99% of blondes give the rest a bad name.


Danielle said...

Well my birthday was actually back in March, that's how behind I am in my blog. Oopsie. Thanks though! And all the best with the blondeness!

Romaine said...

Mmm - presumptive of me to assume that you blogged your birthday on the same day, you must actually have a life then - if you take SIX months to blog about it ./

With the Blackberry outages all over the Eastern Hemisphere the last day or so (yeah, your RIM company is taking heat over this), I was tickled to hear an Indian guy interviewed on the radio this morning : "This is the victory of man over machine. Go and speak to someone today for a change".

I kind of glazed over when I noted you did put up your "horrorscope" sign of pisces - does that mean that we can narrow your birthdate down to between 1 and 20 March 1984? So - a blonde in the "Class of 84" - must be good for a few more fair-headed comments!

1984 = Chinese year of the rat - no, let's rather explore the Thai birth colour instead :

March 1 : Orange
March 2 : Blue
March 3 : Purple
March 4 : Red (Sunday)
March 5 : Yellow
March 6 : Pink
March 7 : Green
March 8 : Orange
March 9 : Blue
March 10 : Purple
March 11 : Red (Sunday)
March 12 : Yellow
March 13 : Pink
March 14 : Green
March 15 : Orange
March 16 : Blue
March 17 : Purple
March 18 : Red (Sunday)
March 19 : Yellow
March 20 : Pink

The Thai 7 birth colours follow the days of the week (incidentally their calendar started 516 BC) - with more than a passing resemblance to the seven colours of the rainbow which Newton artificially decided on (6 is more realistic based on the three principal colours).

So apparently I am a red rabbit - ha ha ha. That is distinctly Lewis Carolian. I don't know, I think Orwellian is more apt than Carolian?

Nicole said...

haha Danielle you're orange and I get Pink...sucka!