Sunday, October 09, 2011

BC Hydro Smart Meters - Not So Smart for the Economy?

I was doing some thinking in bed last night. Damn you, insomnia. And this is what I came up with:

Everyone knows the weed industry is huge in BC. We're like the grow-show capital of the world. (Clearly I don't have a fact-checker so just go with it.)

With these new BC Hydro Smart Meters, the grow-ops won't be shut down after someone has to come out and read the meter, the numbers will be sent to Hydro by satellite, making them able to shut down so many more.

You might not know this, but people who sell drugs make a lot of money. Money they use to buy Escalades, and rent fancy appartments, and buy their girlfriends velour tracksuits. It's all being pumped back into the economy.

When these grow-ops get shut down what's going to happen? We're going to have to import weed from other countries. This is more dangerous, and the weed money is going to be spent out of Canada. Like Mexico... and... Florida. All spent on tacos, and entrace to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Not kept in BC where we need it.

What should we do? Just legalize it, and tax it. Then maybe they won't need a toll on the Port Mann bridge. My city friends already don't want to drive out to see me, you think they're going to pay for the privilege? I'm going to have to start a fund to bribe them.

Think about it, Christie Clark.


Anonymous said...

Huh?? You ARE kidding right? "Grow Ops are good for the economy"?? Tell that to all the victims of gang-related crime in BC. Crime that is fueled and financed by the marijuana growers of BC. Yes, give it back to the Mexicans - at least they seem to be already used to rampant gang-related violence - poor them!

Danielle said...

I guess you missed the part where I said "legalize it and tax it." That way it would be OUT of the hands of the gangs, and decreasing crime. Thanks for the comment though... I like to hear everyone's opinions!

Jake Da Rake said...

I agree with you Danielle - that twerp Anonymous clearly watches too much TV and gets all scared - weed growing is a massive income source for BC.

And I agree with legalization... but I think it would make the price of weed drop to that of asparagus if it was no longer illegal.

And the profitability would disappear as it already has for food farmers. I read that if cocaine was legal, it would be as cheap as aspirin without the choking of supply that the police provide.

So the benefits of the laws, cops, fearmongering media, and mush-heads like Anonymous who believe the media, is it keeps the price nice and high, so growing remains a high profit, renewable income source available to everybody, even those without a lot of capital.