Monday, October 31, 2011

Mexico - The First Night

We arrived in Mexico in the afternoon. For those of you who have never been, when you go through customs you have to press a button. If you get a green light you keep walking, if you get a red light you have to stop and get searched.

I told my friend two things before we left:
1) Don't set off the metal detector.
2) Don't get a "red light" in Mexico.
Let's just say she didn't listen either time.

They shooed me through the door as she got searched. A few minutes later she emerged, we grabbed some beers, and hopped on the bus to the resort.

We stayed at the Brand Bahia Principe, aka, the farthest hotel away from town. It was an hour away from Playa del Carmen, meaning 2 from Cancun.

Once we reached the hotel check-in took forever. Luckily they were serving mimosas in line. (Except the OJ is clearly Sunny Delight.) We got our keys and headed to our room.

We took it easy that night. Had some dinner at the buffet, had some drinks at the hacienda, watched the Canucks play on an ancient tv, met some random Canadians. I had a 21-year-old from Calgary hitting on me, who claimed his Grandpa is part owner of the Calgary Flames. He was super cute... even if when I got home and added him to Facebook it turned out he was 18. We played cards with some guys from Edmonto, who we we kept seeing throughout the trip. They were fun, but one of them kept saying "WINNING." Over and over and over. I should probably mention that it was well after it was cool to be saying it.

We headed to bed for a nice sleep-in. We had a pool to discover the next day!

Mexico, Here I Come!

As I mentioned, I headed to Mexico straight from my niece's birthday party... but it was a little more complicated than that.

The friend I was travelling with was already going to be downtown, so I was on my own to get to the airport. Oh, and the flight left at 6am so we were supposed to be at the airport at 4am. Not even close to morning, nope, definitely still the middle of the night in my books.

Luckily, my parents have some friends that live in Richmond, so I parked my car at their place, took a nap for a couple hours, and cabbed it to the airport. I'd called ahead early to have a cab at their place at 3:30. I set my alarm for quarter after 3, so I'd have time to get dressed properly (couldn't sleep in my bra, it was poking me) and leave a thank you note for the couple. As it turned out the cabbie lived on the same street at my parents' friends, so literally a minute after my alarm went off my phone rang, telling me the cab had arrived.

I threw on my bra and ran out the door.

I arrived at the airport, and my friend was nowhere to be seen. Multiple texts and calls went unanswered. I decided to check in without her so I could at least wait without lugging my giant suitcase around. We were going to Mexico for a wedding, and 20 of them probably walked past me, but I hadn't met anyone at this point so had to wait all alone. I finally got a hold of her, and at about 4:30 she arrived at the airport. I was shitting my pants (figuratively.)

After meeting the wedding party we boarded the plane and headed south. The plane ride was uneventful. I did, however, sit in the middle seat next to a man who was taking a trip to celebrate getting divorced and meeting a new girl. Oh, I got an earful the entire trip... Fortunately, he felt weird putting a single drink on his VISA, so he bought for us too. Totally worth it.

A few hours later we arrived. Mexico, here we come!

Leah's Birthdays - Yes, Plural

My niece turned 1 year old this May, and to celebrate we had not one, but two parties the same day! My brain was never the same again.

We started in the late morning with the kids' party. Basically there were ten or so 6-month to 3-year-olds crawling, running, screaming and snotting throughout the house. My sister's amazing photographer friend Justine of Russo Photography showed up early to take some pictures. Here are a few of the good ones, (and one with Auntie D too):

We did all the typical birthday stuff: had some cupcakes and opened some presents, then it was naptime so every one left. Short and sweet.

Later on in the day we had the family party. Leah is the first child in the family in about 15 years, so having a baby around is kind of a big deal. Everyone showed up. We had some dinner and drinks and then it was time to open presents again. Somebody got spoiled!

A few hours into the family party I had to leave, because I had another destination... Mexico!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Glass Smash

The Tuesday after the long weekend I walked out my front door to a not-so-pleasant surprise... My mom said to me "Oh, you left your window open!" Ummm, no I didn't, my car had been broken into. They'd smashed the driver's side window and glass was everywhere.

They took a bag of clothes, and my CDs. The funny thing is that the clothes were an ancient sweatshirt and jeans I'd borrowed from a girlfriend to go home in after a night out. And who wants CDs besides me? Doesn't every one else have an iPod hooked up?

The break-in had occurred at around 6:00 in the morning too, after my dad had left for work. I figured this must be the work of crackheads.

I missed work to take my car into the autoglass shop. I had a crack in my windshield that I figured I might as well fix while I was there. I paid the deductible on the windshield, but it was cheaper for me to just pay for the side window. (Damn ICBC won't just combine deductibles.)

My car was fixed a few hours later, good as new, or so I thought. The next day I grabbed Tim Horton's at lunch, and when trying to close my window the hand crank came off in my hand. Dammit! Back to the glass place I went for them to fix it. At least I got a Starbucks gift card out of the deal.

Lessons of the week:
(1) Don't leave clothes in your car. Even if they are ugly as hell.
(2) Suburbia is not safe! Crackheads are everywhere!

Whistler, The Aftermath

A couple days later someting possessed me to look up the Seattle boys on Facebook. For those of you who don't know, I'm basically a master creeper. If I wasn't a hyginenist I should have been a spy or something.

These are my findings:

I discovered what seemed to be my guy's profile, but I wasn't sure, so I checked his friends list and discovered who might be the other guy, but both pics weren't clear. So, I Googled him and found him based only on first name, city and profession. I TOLD you I was a master creeper!

The article had a pic and was about how he'd become the new VP of Sales, at the age of 43. "FORTY-THREE, WHAT THE FUCK!?" Was the first thing that went through my mind. (He'd told me he was 37.) Duuuurty!

Well, that confirmed I had the right guy, so I looked up the friend, and found a blurb about him on a design website. A design company that he ran with... drumroll please... his WIFE!

Seriously, could these guys have been worse?! My amazing internet skills... blessing or curse?

Whistler Weekend

Over Easter weekend I took a little ladies' trip up to Whistler, and it was just what I needed to relax and have some fun. I met my girlfriend at her place downtown, we loaded her SUV and hit the road with Katy Perry blasting the whole way. Except for a few seconds when I thought she was going to run a red light and kill us, the trip up went nicely.

We were there during the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and one of her friends works for a promotions company, so we were lucky enough to be able to crash on his pull-out couch at the Westin! We couldn't get a hold of him right away to get into the hotel room, so we decided to grab a drink on a patio in the village. It was so warm that we were actually sitting there in our tank tops and sunglasses, the first time that year!

After hearing from her friend we settled into our room, got ready and hit the town. She has a discount card for The Keg, so we headed to Brandy's Bar to share some drinks and appies and watch our Canuckies kick ass! We were hooked up, too! The bar manager Casper, (yes, like the friendly ghost) kept the drinks coming.

Apres-dinner we were supposed to meet up with her friend who was getting us into some snowboarder party, and he kept making us wait longer and longer, so he said to head back to the hotel bar and have some drinks on him. We're not ones to say no to that, so off we went. And seriously, saying "charge it it to my room," just makes me feel cool.

Finally we met up with the friend who got us into the party at the Garibaldi Lift Company (or as the cool kids call it GLC.) It was awesome. We got so many dirty looks from people waiting in line. Suckers! It turned out that they were holding the Big Air competition right beside us; the restaurant patio was overlooking the kill. It was sweet; they were jumping and flipping and pyrotechnics were going off! We had a couple drinks and mingled a bit. Two guys kept making eye contact and finally came over. They were businessmen from Seattle and a lot of fun. There is a slight chance that we made out with them... But as much as they asked, nothing more, we're good girls!

The next morning we grabbed some greasy breakfast and drove home. All in all it was a fab girls' trip!

Running of the Sun

Oops, I did it again! The Sun Run that is!

I met up at Elise's place in Vancouver, we walked downtown to meet up with Caitlin, chugged some samples of Red Bull and barged out way into the front line of the "white" group. I'm not being a racist, they assign different bib colours depending on how long you say you'll take to run the race. (White being an hour to an hour and a quarter.)

Elise had planned to run with me, but about 30 seconds into the race she was goners. I don't blame her, I mean, I basically winged it. For those of you out there thinking, well if she ran without training then I can too... go for it, but believe me, you will pay for it the next 5 days. I was hobbling around like a War Amp. Luckily Caitlin stuck with me most of the race.

The other two times I'd run the race I remembered it being sort of fun. This time it just seemed looooong. There are still people lining the streets, cheering you on, and bands playing which is pretty cool. Also along the waterfront there was a restaurant on fire and a firetruck was there. I love a distraction.

I ended up making pretty good time actually, the official time in the paper was 1:12:28, but factoring in the amount of time it took me to get over the mat to get my chip read it was probably about 1:10! A new Danielle record!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blog News

I would also like to report that my blog is in the Top 15 searches on Google for 2 different topics (That I know about.)

I'm #13 if you search "Hottest Hockey Players" (although I count it as being the 7th down)

And when you search "Tim Horton's Latte"? I'm #2!

BC Hydro Smart Meters - Not So Smart for the Economy?

I was doing some thinking in bed last night. Damn you, insomnia. And this is what I came up with:

Everyone knows the weed industry is huge in BC. We're like the grow-show capital of the world. (Clearly I don't have a fact-checker so just go with it.)

With these new BC Hydro Smart Meters, the grow-ops won't be shut down after someone has to come out and read the meter, the numbers will be sent to Hydro by satellite, making them able to shut down so many more.

You might not know this, but people who sell drugs make a lot of money. Money they use to buy Escalades, and rent fancy appartments, and buy their girlfriends velour tracksuits. It's all being pumped back into the economy.

When these grow-ops get shut down what's going to happen? We're going to have to import weed from other countries. This is more dangerous, and the weed money is going to be spent out of Canada. Like Mexico... and... Florida. All spent on tacos, and entrace to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Not kept in BC where we need it.

What should we do? Just legalize it, and tax it. Then maybe they won't need a toll on the Port Mann bridge. My city friends already don't want to drive out to see me, you think they're going to pay for the privilege? I'm going to have to start a fund to bribe them.

Think about it, Christie Clark.

Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

As I said, besides the Roxy night, my birthday was pretty low-key this year.

Because my sister and I have birthdays in the same month we usually do a joint dinner out at a night restaurant, so we do something small on our actual birthdays. On the actual date I worked, then went for some sushi with my mom, sister, and little niece. (I'm guessing Dad was away on business.)

We had to go to the sushi place by Colossus because they're both seaweed-adverse (picky, not allergic) and will only eat it wrapped in soy paper instead. (On a note: I just found out they also have it at the place by Spa Utopia, if anyone else has the same problem.)

The year before my sister had picked out a restaurant for our birthdays, and it turned out to be crap. I'm pretty sure it's closed down now. I made a fuss about how I was going to pick this year, and then let her pick again. So, we headed to the Bavaria Restaurant in Abbotsford. They supposedly had new owners and the food was supposed to be good.

The decor of the restaurant was nice, but we were seated next to a family who didn't control their screaming kids the ENTIRE meal. Okay people, here are two choices if you decided to dine at a nice establishment: (1) Leave your damn kids at home, or (2) Shut them the hell up.

The food was mediocre, at best. To start I had a lobster bisque which tasted like a tomatoey, fishy mess. The share plate, sundried tomato and crab dip, was basically congealed, like it was made from fake cheese. The chicken schitzel topped with shrimp and hollandaise, along with plenty fo wine, was the meal's one saving grace, but it was too late. Bavaria: stick to what you know and drop the seafood. Schnitzels for all!

Needless to say, the pick for 2012 will by in my capable hands.