Thursday, September 22, 2011


After my birthday night out at the Roxy the WPT guy had been texting me back and forth for a bit, and we decided to grab dinner on the Saturday. I'd been thinking we'd head to Fort Langley and hit up Eighteen27, my fave tapas place, but the night came around and as it turns out it was one of the few nights it actually snowed this year so we decided to stay a little closer to home and go to Coza.

The dude had let me know he had hockey early in the night, and said he'd shower and head over after. Around 7:30 I texted to ask if he was on his way and he was still in the parking lot drinking beers and said he'd be there soon. He finally showed up somewhere around 9:00. I wasn't too impressed.

We headed over to the restaurant in his giant Escalade (I kept thinking that if we slipped in the snow and hit something at least I wouldn't die.) We were basically the only people in the whole place. We sat down and ordered drinks and the waitress came over. It turned out that she was a girl I had been friends with a few years ago when I worked at Sammy's. For anyone who read my blog back in the day her bloggy-psudonym was "Lola."

It was nice to see her and we chatted for a bit. Strangely though I almost felt like WPT was flirting with her, but I wasn't sure. She told him he looked like Mark Messier which he loved. And he basically does. I mean, throw a bag of Lay's at him and you'd never know the difference.

As the night went on we ordered food and had a couple drinks. Conversation flowed pretty well and I was enjoying myself. I think it sort of bothered him when he ordered another drink and I asked him if he was gonna be ok because I knew he'd had a few before he drove over, the new .05 alcohol limit was in place, AND it was snowing. I don't want to be anyone's mom, but when I'm in the car with someone I want to know they're in a good state.

The night ended and I headed inside with a hug... And never heard from him again. Oh, and noticed that Lola had deleted me off Facebook the other day. Seriously, if they're dating I'll laugh.