Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm Multitalented

I was cleaning out some of my drawers the other day and came across some school work I'd kept. Here are a couple poems I did in elementary school that I thought were cute. I think at this point I was in Grade 3, which seems strange because I used the word "lust" in one poem... But I can picture the classroom I was in when I wrote them, and had class in a portable from grades 4-7. So we'll say Grade 3. I was in APEX, ok!


Ding a ling a ling
The ice cream man is coming
Children run and Scream

Tanka (Apparently a type of poem. I'm reisting the urge to write "You're Welcome.")

Night is approaching
Daffodils are closing up
Roses close their eyes
Lilies lay down in their beds
Bedtime for little blossoms

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