Monday, August 01, 2011

Dani, it's your Birthday!

I never really got around to planning myself a real birthday party this year. (This is why it's good to have a boyfriend; you never have to plan your own party,) but I still had some fun.

The week before my birthday I decided to have a girls' night downtown with two friends. Since it was my special day I decided where we went: The Roxy. They weren't really drinking, but that didn't stop me. I love the Roxy. Always full of cute, whiteboys.

Halfway through the night a friend I hadn't seen in a while showed up. I gave him a huge hug, and along with the guy he was with we went to get some shooters in the back room.

The friend he'd brought was a little older (and a little balder) than I'd usually go for, but we really hit it off. Our personalities just really clicked. We were making small talk and I asked him what he did for a living. He said that he plays poker for a living, and before I could reply, throws in: "I'm on TV like every day." Well, you don't get to throw around that kind of statement with me around. "You did NOT just say that." I retorted.

Apparently he's in the World Poker Tour. As the night went on he kept name-dropping and I kept telling him I'd never heard of him and making fun of him for being a fame whore. He LOVED he fact that I wasn't falling all over him, and kept calling me "sassy." Ok, I think he actually kept saying I was "snarky," but in the context of "You're so snarky, I love it."

By the end of the night we'd made out a little. In the club. What are we, 19 years old? But it was fun. And he asked me for my number because he wanted to take me out. I figured why not?

When I got home I Googled the guy. Turned out he was about 38-39 years old. Yikes! But he also had made 1.75 Million dollars playing poker. Wow. I've never been one to go for a guy because of money, but those numbers are hard to argue with. Plus maturity-wise guys are supposed to be like 10 years behind girls anyways, so that made us basically the same age in our heads. I was excited to see him again.

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