Saturday, July 09, 2011

MSP... Me No Likey

Oh yeah, it rhymes.

Being single is bad enough. I have no one to cuddle with, or bring to weddings, or... you know. Boys don't want their girlfriends hanging out with my because I may be a "bad influence." (Quick note: I've never had a friend cheat on her boyfriend around me, I think it's the blondeness.)

Paying MSP makes it even worse. As a single person I have to pay $60.50 per month for health insurance.

A family of 2 has to pay $109 a month, equaling $54.50 a person. It seems like a small difference, but they're saving themselves $72 a year, just by having a husband or wife.

I understand why the cost goes down for a family of 3, because that means there's a kid involved... and you can't count on a 2-year-old to pay a bill (slackers), but why should a married couple pay less? Do they go to the doctor less? Do they need less MRIs? CT scans?

I'm sure they get MORE ultrasounds ... damn breeders!

Bullshit! This is single predjudice!


jeringas de insulina said...

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Atlas Cerise said...

It seems today one must have wealth

In order to have better health.

If you want those scrips and pills

You have to pay the doctor bills.

No one likes the cost, it's true

But the choice is up to you.

If you decide that you will pay

Then you might live another day.

If you end up paying NOT

This day could be the last you've got.

Either way it can be said:

No matter what you'll end up dead.

Danielle said...

LOVE the poem!