Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Date!

As a Christmas present this year one of my girlfriends recieved from her parents a 3-month membership to E-Harmony. (Let's just say they didn't LOVE her ex-boyfriend.)

After talking to a couple guys she met one she seemed to like, and decided that she needed to set me up on a blind date with one of his friends ASAP. I'm up for anything so away I went. I met them at the Cactus Club in Burnaby. My date wasn't there yet, so I met her boy and we ate some szechwan green beans. (Is it weird that I can still remember what we were eating?)

I was having fun, the conversation was flowing... and my guy walks in. I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually cute! (You can never really trust other people. Human nature makes us all so eager to hook other people up that we'll say anything to get the job done.)

We were sitting in one of those large C-shaped booths. My friend and her guy were on one side. I was beside her guy and there was plenty of room beside me, but he pulled up a chair. My friend quickly remedied that by making us all take photos together so he had to move over. Genius.

He seemed like a really good guy. He's a fireman so he's in shape, he also has his own side business. And he does yoga. We got along pretty well. There were no awkward silences, and we both got to watch our friends kiss constantly at the table. A lovely bonding moment.

I couldn't stay long because I worked early the next morning, but he walked me to my car and asked for my number.

He called me a few days later and he came out to Langley to hang out again. He picked me up and we headed down to Milestone's. Things went well again. We had dinner and drinks and the conversation flowed ok... but I didn't feel much of a spark. I guess he didn't feel it either because I didn't hear from him. It's always nice to have a mutual-blow-off so no one's feelings get hurt. After a few more weeks my girlfriend moved on too, so I didn't have to worry about any awkwardness seeing date-guy again. Phew!

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Atlas Cerise said...

That fireman? He ain't that great.

Nobody should make a girl wait.

You like poetry?

Then why not try me?

Come on, baby, how 'bout a date?