Saturday, July 23, 2011

Always Read the Label!

I wanted to buy a couple plain tanktops just to wear under other shirts to I headed down to Old Navy the other day. I looked through the racks, grabbed a few and tried them on. Once I decided on what to purchase I decided to head back to the rack and check the colours again.

I noticed a nice, white tanktop that was made from a much better quality of material than the others, was my size and it seemed nice and long so I decided to buy it too, without trying it it on.

I got it home, and was in the middle of ripping off the label when I saw the word "Maternity" in big letters on the label... And then realized it's not long all the way around, just in the front. And since I'd just ripped the label off I couldn't return it. Way to go me!

PS. I wear it anyways and no one notices. Sweet.

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