Thursday, July 21, 2011

Abby Heat Game

For Christmas this year I had bought my Dad and Brother-in-Law tickets to an Abbotsford Heat game. They're both really hard to buy for, and I decided this would be fun, so along with my sister off we went.

The thing about the Heat games is that they're the farm team for the Calgary Flames... and they were playing the Toronto Marlies, the farm team for the Maple Leafs. (Aside: What the hell is a Marlie?) My Dad wasn't happy with the selection, but as usual chose to cheer for anyone but Toronto.

The game was pretty fun. No Canucks game, but what do you expect for $30 tickets?

I found it strange that most of the sponsorship at the game was from the Columbia Bible College. Especially since the arena is on the grounds of the University of the Fraser Valley. Not only did they have a booth there, but were advertising on the big screen, and had banners everywhere. I know we're in Abbotsford and all, but I don't need to be preached to, beer in hand, at a hockey game, thanks.

At one point my sister and I went to hit the ladies' room... and the cupcake stand caught my eye on the way back. I luuuurve me some cupcakes. We bought 2 packs of the mini cupcakes so everyone could have a selection of flavours. As we sit back into our seats my Dad starts to laugh. "Uh oh!" he said, as he held up a 4-pack of cupcakes. Great minds think alike I guess!

I don't even remember who won the game, so I'll say we won! Yayyy! A great end to a fun night!

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