Saturday, July 23, 2011

Always Read the Label!

I wanted to buy a couple plain tanktops just to wear under other shirts to I headed down to Old Navy the other day. I looked through the racks, grabbed a few and tried them on. Once I decided on what to purchase I decided to head back to the rack and check the colours again.

I noticed a nice, white tanktop that was made from a much better quality of material than the others, was my size and it seemed nice and long so I decided to buy it too, without trying it it on.

I got it home, and was in the middle of ripping off the label when I saw the word "Maternity" in big letters on the label... And then realized it's not long all the way around, just in the front. And since I'd just ripped the label off I couldn't return it. Way to go me!

PS. I wear it anyways and no one notices. Sweet.

RIP Amy Winehouse

Well, Amy Winehouse is dead. I'd like to say I'm surprised... buuuttt... ya know. Maybe she should have gone to rehab after all. RIP lady.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is it just me, or does anyone else hate yogurt commercials on TV?

They're all the same... a moderately attractive woman in her mid-30's devouring a cup of yogurt like it's a shirtless Robert Pattison... All the while moaning and groaning like it's the best thing she's ever eaten.

Seriously, it's yogurt. It's not THAT good. Keep your orgasms to yourself.

Abby Heat Game

For Christmas this year I had bought my Dad and Brother-in-Law tickets to an Abbotsford Heat game. They're both really hard to buy for, and I decided this would be fun, so along with my sister off we went.

The thing about the Heat games is that they're the farm team for the Calgary Flames... and they were playing the Toronto Marlies, the farm team for the Maple Leafs. (Aside: What the hell is a Marlie?) My Dad wasn't happy with the selection, but as usual chose to cheer for anyone but Toronto.

The game was pretty fun. No Canucks game, but what do you expect for $30 tickets?

I found it strange that most of the sponsorship at the game was from the Columbia Bible College. Especially since the arena is on the grounds of the University of the Fraser Valley. Not only did they have a booth there, but were advertising on the big screen, and had banners everywhere. I know we're in Abbotsford and all, but I don't need to be preached to, beer in hand, at a hockey game, thanks.

At one point my sister and I went to hit the ladies' room... and the cupcake stand caught my eye on the way back. I luuuurve me some cupcakes. We bought 2 packs of the mini cupcakes so everyone could have a selection of flavours. As we sit back into our seats my Dad starts to laugh. "Uh oh!" he said, as he held up a 4-pack of cupcakes. Great minds think alike I guess!

I don't even remember who won the game, so I'll say we won! Yayyy! A great end to a fun night!

I Can See the Light!

As some of you may remember I had Laser Eye Surgery last year. I've always had a bit of an eye phobia, and it was scary... but I'd decided it was time to correct my horrible vision and be free of glasses and contacts.

This February I went for my 1-year check up. I had been for 3-day, 5-day, 2-week, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month checks previously. At those appointments they told me that my vision was good... but because of swelling in my eye (because they had to laser-zap me so deep into my cornea) I had a bit of astigmatism. What this means to those of us who have heard the word, but have no idea what it really means, is that when I'd look at a bright light, especially if it was dark out, instead of seeing the regular boundaries of the light I was getting a bit of a glare, or a star-shine off it.

A lot of the time when people get laser eye surgery who have vision as bad as me they need a touch-up surgery to fully correct their sight.

The check-up appointment was good news. My vision is excellent ... 20/15 in each eye to be exact, which is better than 20/20. Also my astigmatism and swelling are gone. The only problem I have is that my eyes are apparently a little dry so they suggested saline eye drops. The lady even told me that she was surprised I didn't need a touch-up.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with my results and encourage anyone who's thinking about it to at least go and get a consultation. I got it done at the Valley Laser Eye Centre, where Dr Blaylock and his staff were very good. Good luck, guys!

Double Date!

As a Christmas present this year one of my girlfriends recieved from her parents a 3-month membership to E-Harmony. (Let's just say they didn't LOVE her ex-boyfriend.)

After talking to a couple guys she met one she seemed to like, and decided that she needed to set me up on a blind date with one of his friends ASAP. I'm up for anything so away I went. I met them at the Cactus Club in Burnaby. My date wasn't there yet, so I met her boy and we ate some szechwan green beans. (Is it weird that I can still remember what we were eating?)

I was having fun, the conversation was flowing... and my guy walks in. I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually cute! (You can never really trust other people. Human nature makes us all so eager to hook other people up that we'll say anything to get the job done.)

We were sitting in one of those large C-shaped booths. My friend and her guy were on one side. I was beside her guy and there was plenty of room beside me, but he pulled up a chair. My friend quickly remedied that by making us all take photos together so he had to move over. Genius.

He seemed like a really good guy. He's a fireman so he's in shape, he also has his own side business. And he does yoga. We got along pretty well. There were no awkward silences, and we both got to watch our friends kiss constantly at the table. A lovely bonding moment.

I couldn't stay long because I worked early the next morning, but he walked me to my car and asked for my number.

He called me a few days later and he came out to Langley to hang out again. He picked me up and we headed down to Milestone's. Things went well again. We had dinner and drinks and the conversation flowed ok... but I didn't feel much of a spark. I guess he didn't feel it either because I didn't hear from him. It's always nice to have a mutual-blow-off so no one's feelings get hurt. After a few more weeks my girlfriend moved on too, so I didn't have to worry about any awkwardness seeing date-guy again. Phew!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

MSP... Me No Likey

Oh yeah, it rhymes.

Being single is bad enough. I have no one to cuddle with, or bring to weddings, or... you know. Boys don't want their girlfriends hanging out with my because I may be a "bad influence." (Quick note: I've never had a friend cheat on her boyfriend around me, I think it's the blondeness.)

Paying MSP makes it even worse. As a single person I have to pay $60.50 per month for health insurance.

A family of 2 has to pay $109 a month, equaling $54.50 a person. It seems like a small difference, but they're saving themselves $72 a year, just by having a husband or wife.

I understand why the cost goes down for a family of 3, because that means there's a kid involved... and you can't count on a 2-year-old to pay a bill (slackers), but why should a married couple pay less? Do they go to the doctor less? Do they need less MRIs? CT scans?

I'm sure they get MORE ultrasounds ... damn breeders!

Bullshit! This is single predjudice!

Holiday... Celebrate!

And heeeeere's a recap of how the holidays went for me this year:

Ladies' night at Eighteen27
This is probably my favourite restaurant in Langley. My girlfriend and I got dropped off and immediately hit up the martini list. I was drinking one with eggnog in it that was super delicious. We decided to share a couple appies, including the fondue. LOVES IT! After we were sufficiently lubricated I wanted to head out to Gabatron's... but she had to get up early in the morning, so we decided to head back and hang in her hot tub. It was awesome, but in the morning I woke up with a hot tub rash, or as we like to call it "skinerosis." I got a prescription cream from the doctor and was hunky dory in no time.

Baking with Nicole
My sister and I have a certain way of doing things. I'm "the brains" and she's "the beef." I tell her what to do, and she does it, and this works for us. Nicole's known for being halfway through a recipe and then realizing that you're supposed to refrigerate the dough overnight... that type of thing. With me barking out orders: "Get out the vanilla, the flour and the brown sugar!" and her doing them as I did the dishes etc, it worked amazingly. Also, I found that baking was made even more entertaining while drinking Bacardi Breezers. Not very festive, but they do the job. We turned out a wide variety of tasty confections. Nom nom.

I also made chocolates with my mommy. It's fun, but harder than you think. Kind of like child labour.

Snow Tires
I don't know where the rumour started that it was supposed to be the snowiest winter in 50 years... but that person is an asshole. As my Christmas present my parents gave me money towards getting snow tires on my car. I figured since I work in Abbotsford now it was a good investment. I was WRONG. I think it snowed 3 times this year, and one of those times was BEFORE I even got the tires put on! The good thing was I got a really good deal on them from my sister's friend's dad. Thank you! A case of beer goes a long way!

Ummm... do I remember Christmas? That I drank lots of booze and ate lots of turkey is a fair assumption. It was my niece's first Christmas so she was spoiled as shit.

Boxing Day
We see my dad's side of the family every other Boxing Day. For the Americans reading this... Boxing Day is an extra stat we get off the day after Christmas. Suck it. We typically get together with my dad's side of the family and this year was no exception. This year however instead of the typical present exchange what we did was do what the call a "White Elephant" or "Nasty Christmas" with giftcards. Where everyone puts one in and we draw names. The first person picks first, the next person can pick and new one or steal theirs, and so on. I'm usually not a fan of gift cards. They sit in my wallet for years and I forget to use them, even when I buy something at that store... but this made it fun. I ended up with a Chapter's card, which is awesome because that store is like crack to me.

Lunch with a Friend
When my sister and I were about the age that we were old enough to babysit outselves after school, but my mom didn't quite trust us to do that we went to my sister's friend's house after school. It was good times. We'd make up rhythmic gymnastics routines, scale the fence in her backyard and break into the Agrifair, and play NHL'94 on the computer, always pausing to kiss Trevor Linden's picture on the screen. Oh, to be young again. The friend and her family moved away to California, and then Phoenix, but we'd still seem them occasionally when they came up her to visit family. This year the girl our age came out herself and her and I, along with my sister all met for lunch. It was so nice to see her and catch up. No matter when you live, boy problems are universal!

New Year's
I spent New Year's Eve at a dinner party at my friend Genevieve's house. She prides herself on being a good cook, and having lots of courses, and giving me lots of forks and spoons to choose from around the plate. (Don't worry... the rest of us aren't classy like her.) She even went to the effort of making us turkey dinner. We started with soup, and then had turkey with sausage stuffing stuffed (no shit) under the skin. Potatoes, veggies... mmm. We had plenty of time in between courses to chill, listen to music, and drink some vino. Her final course was a chocolate lava cake. She took it out of the oven. and turned the pan upside-down on the counter... and whooshhhhh... "Counter Cake" was invested. What is counter cake, you ask? It's when you scoop half-cake, half fudgy pudding off the counter and eat it anways. And it was fucking delicious. After this we had our own little dance party in her living room. Her sister was visiting from Quebec, and in traditional French fashion was a little crazy and she was awesome. I'm so happy I spent New Year's this was instead of some lame club!

And those were the holidays! Stay tuned for my to bring my blog into 2011!