Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shaun's Memorial

Readers of my blog already know that I had a friend, Shaun Gauthier, who died last year of a rare form of cancer that came on very suddenly. I usually make a list of what I'm going to blog and go in order, and am months late actually getting to it, but it was important and I wrote about it at the time it was going on here.

I had found out that Shaun was sick by reading my Facebook while I was on lunch one day. It was on a tiny screen on my Blackberry, so at first I couldn't understand what was going on. As the day progressed I found out that Shaun had a kind of cancer called Angiosarcoma, and things weren't looking well.

That night we all met up at the pub to try and cheer up our friend Chris, our buddy and one of Shaun's oldest friends.

The next day Shaun was gone.

Getting ready for the funeral a friend asked me what to wear, because she's never been to one. Which made me realize I've been to 6 or so. But this was the second one where the person had been my age, and it had been sudden.

I met up with some friends and headed downtown. Everyone met at Jess and Jamie's to pre-drink. Shaun worked at Coors Light... it's ok. We all took pictures up on the rooftop patio, then headed to the church.

I've never seen a more packed memorial. The people just kept coming. You could tell that in Shaun's few years on earth he'd really touched people. Some of us more literally than others. My best Shaun memory was at Molson Canadian Mega Keg when he held me down and purposely gave me a huuuuge hickey. That was GREAT.

The memorial was nice. I was amazed how well his family and girlfriend held it together to make speeches. And there was a really nice slideshow.

Afterwards we headed out to grab some food, before going to Tunnel for a second sort-of-memorial. They had a lovely slideshow too. I won't put it on here directly because it's 15 minutes long and I don't want to freeze the computer, but it's on YouTube.

After this my friends held a 100 Gs for Shaun G night... raising over $100,000 for the Canadian Cancer foundation. Unfortunately I couldn't get the day off work. And we're currently working on our next fundraiser, which is both a raffle and an awesome night of fun and concerts. Info can be found by looking about two blogs down (haha). I urge everyone to come out and help us kick cancer's ass in Shaun's name!

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