Thursday, June 09, 2011


Halloween was a bit of a shit show this year. (Well, I guess it's a bit of a shit show every year) but I'd just gotten back from Vegas and was still on my super-fun-Danielle drinking streak.

My friend Chris had arranged a night at the Fox and the Fiddle again, and basically half of Langley was there.

Before the pub a few friends picked me up (dressed as an 80's rocker version of muself) and I helped them get ready with their costumes. They were "Dem Bears," which for all you girls like me out there who have NO idea what that means, it's from an old SNL skit. I helped them tie their coconut bras and hula skirts, (until they started disintigrating on the floor,) and was always ready with the glue to re-attach their moustaches. Kudos to Sean who I believe actually grew his own moustache - that's what I call attention to detail.

We had a few bevies and cabbed it to the pub. All the boys hopped out quickly, leaving me with the bill. I love my friends.

This is basically how the night went: Red Bull and Vodka, Red Bull and Vodka, kiss a boy I'd been crushing on for a while, puke in the bathroom, Red Bull and Vodka, see my friend in the corner dancing and holding his coconut bra then trying to record it and can't, get hit on by another guy I'd cuddled with the week before, Red Bull and Vodka.

The guy I kissed and his friend needed somewhere to stay so I let them crash at my place. It's always funny to wake up and see bits and pieces of costumes at the front door... Like, what the hell happened last night? Why is there a foot at my door? And then I drove them back to the pub. In their costumes. Seriously, I want to spend next November 1st downtown to photograph all the amazing walk of shame outfits.

The thing is too, I have the BEST joke about the boy I kissed and his costume, but I can't write it because everyone would know who I was talking about... Well, I'm sure people saw anyways, but would have drunkenly forgotten... and after texting me for a week and then suddenly stopping... I discovered it must have been because he's seeing another girl... he's still with.

At least it was a fun night... and all the best to them!

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