Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shaun's Memorial

Readers of my blog already know that I had a friend, Shaun Gauthier, who died last year of a rare form of cancer that came on very suddenly. I usually make a list of what I'm going to blog and go in order, and am months late actually getting to it, but it was important and I wrote about it at the time it was going on here.

I had found out that Shaun was sick by reading my Facebook while I was on lunch one day. It was on a tiny screen on my Blackberry, so at first I couldn't understand what was going on. As the day progressed I found out that Shaun had a kind of cancer called Angiosarcoma, and things weren't looking well.

That night we all met up at the pub to try and cheer up our friend Chris, our buddy and one of Shaun's oldest friends.

The next day Shaun was gone.

Getting ready for the funeral a friend asked me what to wear, because she's never been to one. Which made me realize I've been to 6 or so. But this was the second one where the person had been my age, and it had been sudden.

I met up with some friends and headed downtown. Everyone met at Jess and Jamie's to pre-drink. Shaun worked at Coors Light... it's ok. We all took pictures up on the rooftop patio, then headed to the church.

I've never seen a more packed memorial. The people just kept coming. You could tell that in Shaun's few years on earth he'd really touched people. Some of us more literally than others. My best Shaun memory was at Molson Canadian Mega Keg when he held me down and purposely gave me a huuuuge hickey. That was GREAT.

The memorial was nice. I was amazed how well his family and girlfriend held it together to make speeches. And there was a really nice slideshow.

Afterwards we headed out to grab some food, before going to Tunnel for a second sort-of-memorial. They had a lovely slideshow too. I won't put it on here directly because it's 15 minutes long and I don't want to freeze the computer, but it's on YouTube.

After this my friends held a 100 Gs for Shaun G night... raising over $100,000 for the Canadian Cancer foundation. Unfortunately I couldn't get the day off work. And we're currently working on our next fundraiser, which is both a raffle and an awesome night of fun and concerts. Info can be found by looking about two blogs down (haha). I urge everyone to come out and help us kick cancer's ass in Shaun's name!


Halloween was a bit of a shit show this year. (Well, I guess it's a bit of a shit show every year) but I'd just gotten back from Vegas and was still on my super-fun-Danielle drinking streak.

My friend Chris had arranged a night at the Fox and the Fiddle again, and basically half of Langley was there.

Before the pub a few friends picked me up (dressed as an 80's rocker version of muself) and I helped them get ready with their costumes. They were "Dem Bears," which for all you girls like me out there who have NO idea what that means, it's from an old SNL skit. I helped them tie their coconut bras and hula skirts, (until they started disintigrating on the floor,) and was always ready with the glue to re-attach their moustaches. Kudos to Sean who I believe actually grew his own moustache - that's what I call attention to detail.

We had a few bevies and cabbed it to the pub. All the boys hopped out quickly, leaving me with the bill. I love my friends.

This is basically how the night went: Red Bull and Vodka, Red Bull and Vodka, kiss a boy I'd been crushing on for a while, puke in the bathroom, Red Bull and Vodka, see my friend in the corner dancing and holding his coconut bra then trying to record it and can't, get hit on by another guy I'd cuddled with the week before, Red Bull and Vodka.

The guy I kissed and his friend needed somewhere to stay so I let them crash at my place. It's always funny to wake up and see bits and pieces of costumes at the front door... Like, what the hell happened last night? Why is there a foot at my door? And then I drove them back to the pub. In their costumes. Seriously, I want to spend next November 1st downtown to photograph all the amazing walk of shame outfits.

The thing is too, I have the BEST joke about the boy I kissed and his costume, but I can't write it because everyone would know who I was talking about... Well, I'm sure people saw anyways, but would have drunkenly forgotten... and after texting me for a week and then suddenly stopping... I discovered it must have been because he's seeing another girl... he's still with.

At least it was a fun night... and all the best to them!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cancer Fundraiser Promo

Most of you guys know that I help out my friends Chris and Jamie with the fundraiser they do each year. Their mom died of breast cancer when they were young, so they've been raising money for a while. This year our friend Shaun Gauthier passed away suddenly from cancer also, so it means even more to us.

I'm selling raffle tickets right now. They're 5 for $20 or $5 each. The prize list is incredible and can be found here. The list features things like nights at fancy hotels, hockey tickets, spa days, GCs to restaurants, etc. Thanks so much to all my friends that donated prizes!

If you would like to buy some ticket's I'd be ever so grateful! Just call me or message me on Facebook!

In addition to the raffle we're doing an amazing party at the Langley Events Centre July 9th. Everyone is welcome. There will be beer gardens, Grey Goose Cocktails, concerts featuring Default and Daniel Wesley, hamburgers and hot dogs, and Jugo Juice (which tastes amazing wtih booze.)

Here's the video promo featuring the awesome acting skills of my friends :)

Oh Yes it's Ladies Night!

In October, myself and 2 friends attended "Ladies Night" at my personal trainer's rugby club in Burnaby. Two words best describe this night: Gong and Show.

My trainer had told me that no one really needed to dress up, so we got there in our cute shirts and jeans, only to see 19-year-old girls in almost prom wear. The best way to get over feeling under dressed? Drink!

They had cute little drink menus for us; all the tables and drinks were named after different areas of New York. Oh, and who were we getting served by? The rugby players themselves. Our player/waiter was a super cute guy from Australia. Tall, dark, 5 O'Clock shadow... Yes, please!

As they were trying to make lotsa moola for their club they were also selling shooters... and for each round purchased your waiter would take off an article of clothing. By the end most of them were only wearing slacks and a bowtie. And these guys are fit! Well, except the chubbers.

We ate, we drank, and then it was time for the show. They'd hired a male stripper to come perform for us. He was about 5'6" and had long, blonde hair. Think David Spade with a nice body. I don't think most women are actually turned on by these shows... but I was laughing my ass off the whole time. I mean how often do you get to see a swinging dong out in public? Not too often (unless you've just seen Hangover II. Spoiler alert!)

After the nakedness one of the rugby players did a stand-up comedy
set for us and he was actually really good. I've seen comics that were worse at Yuk Yuk's. I give a lot of credit to comedians. I mean, I'm clearly hysterically funny myself... but I can't do it on demand, it has to come to me.

We also played a few games... featuring me straddling our waiter trying to break a balloon on his lap. I guess my crotch just isn't sharp enough (probably a good thing!) so I was bouncing away forever! Finally it popped, but we lost.

The rest of the night gets a little more hazy. By this point we'd merged our table with another set of girls to be able to merge our shooter buying power and up the naked factor. The dance floor was bumping... people had sharpies out and half naked bodies were getting written on.

I ended up making out with out waiter on the balcony... and one of my friends made out with another one on the couch in the spare room.

We made it back to our friends house to crash. The one who didn't live there thinks it's haunted. I really have no opinion about stuff like that but I was sort of intrigued.

The next day and for a while after I'd get texts from the cute Australian wanting to hang out. Problem is that he has no car, and I'm no one's chauffer. Also, his texts were as indecipherable as a 12-year-olds. It hurt my grammar-Nazi brain to figure out what he was saying. Eventually it fizzled out.

Only four more months til next year's Ladies Night. Who's in?

My Mind has been Blown!

The two things I love the most combined... Katy Perry and My Little Ponies. I have no words. Thanks Nicole.