Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A couple weekends before Halloween I went with some friends to a birthday party downtown. It was a dress-up party, and oh what a dress-up party it was. The birthday boy was the splitting image Gene Simmons of KISS, enormous platform boots and all. Guests were taking bets on how long it would take him to fall over. His wife was wearing an Alice in Wonderland's Evil Queen costume. Her hubby had picked it out, hence its boobyliciousness.

The party was pretty fun. It was in the little party room at their appartment building, which was kinda random. Especially since you needed a key to go to the bathroom and get back into the party. There were plenty of good snacks, which is always a plus. I don't remember much, but I do remember blaring Lady Gaga and jumping up and down on the couch, shoeless. At one point a girl puked red wine ALL over the stairs and the hallway... And she was at the age where you think she'd have been able to hold her booze.

At about midnight snacks arrived: gourmet hot dogs! They were pretty good. I think I had 2 and my friend had 3. Drunk hot dogs are the best!

After the party we decided to head back to the girl's place where we were staying, along with her boyfriend and his friend that has a crush on my friend. We drank and laughed for a while before I decided to head to bed.

I kept waiting for my friend to come join me, but was happy to see her with the cute boy on the couch in the morning. Score! Or so I thought. They'd cuddled the whole night and he hadn't tried anything. Not even one little kiss! All this after he'd told his friend he had a crush on her.

Men, here's a little secret. Yes, we like a little bit of holding back, a little bit of the chase too... but we also want to know you're interested. A little kiss-kiss is ok... as long as you're not harassing us to sleep with you. There's a fine line.

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