Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a Great Morning

As I was getting ready for work this morning my mom was on her way out the door, then she walked in and asked if I'd left my car window open last night. Definitely not. There was a pile of glass surrounding my smashed-in driver's side window.

What did they take? Well, a book of CD's (not my burned ones, the ones I'd actually paid for), a bag of clothes (not even mine, a sweatshirt and jeans a girlfriend had let me wear home one morning after a night of drinking), some $250 sunglasses, some runners, and the best part yet my insurance papers.

This all happened around 6am, so the person is clearly pretty ballsy to do this during a time people are getting up and leaving for work.

We called the cops, not that they're likely to be able to do much. The guy who showed up was kinda cute. Married though.

After that I had to take my car into the auto glass shop to get my window replaced. I had gotten a crack in my windshield the week before (on a side note, I'd had a chip for like 3 years and then got hit by a huge rock in a totally unrelated area which cracked right way) so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and just get it fixed at the same time.

The deductible on the windshield is $200 and on the car is $300. Of course you can't just pay ONE deductible, that would make too much sense. As it turns out it's much cheaper to just pay for the side window myself. Thanks for not even mentioning that, ICBC.

Total money lost today: windshield $200, side window $140, hours of work missed $170, CDs $200+, replacing registration papers $18. Having to tell my girlfriend she doesn't get her clothes back... priceless.

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