Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

In October was my parents' 30th Anniversary. I know, that's a LONG time to be together.

My sister and I had decided weeks earlier that we wanted to plan something. We'd already had big parties at the house recently for my mom's 50th birthday/my niece's being born so we decided to do something a little more low-key.

We told them that we were going to take them out to a nice dinner, just them, me, my sister and her husband and insisted we were paying. What we really did was invite a group of their oldest and dearest friends to be there too and surprise them.

Well, pulling one over on my dad isn't that easy... since he doesn't really like us to be spending money on him. He kept telling us that he'd rather us cook him dinner at home (Thanksgiving was coming up so he just wanted to combine it and have us make turkey.) We kept having to have fake reasons why we wanted to go out to eat. Finally (after being bitched at for the 5th time) I blurted out "We have a coupon!" trying to make him feel better. My idiot sister replies "We do?" Arghhh. "Um.. yes." We didn't.

We'd decided that for the party we wanted to decorate a little bit using their wedding colours... Brown and peach. It ws the 80's, don't ask. We made them little wedding favours of fuzzy peaches and chocolate covered cramberries wrapped in lace, with their names and the date attached with ribbon. They were super cute.

That night we arrived at Galini Greek Kouzina (my fave!) and my parents were completely surprised to see all their friends! Yay! Well actually one set of their friends was MIA. They h adn't called or anything... strange for grown-ups. But the strangest thing was that neither of them carry a cell phone. In this day and age. Strange!

The dinner was wonderful. I even stood up and made a speech (there was no way my sister would have.) Bascially we wanted to thank our parents for raising us right and all the things they've provided us iwht over the years. And we told them that nowadays so many of our friends have divorced parents and broken families and we're glad they're still together and can show us how a relationship can really work. See, I can be sentimental occasionally!

My dad did have to have his way and although he let us pay for his dinner he insisted on paying for all the drinks for the whole table. On HIS anniversary. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quarry Living... Really?

As I was driving to my sister's house in Abbotsford the other day I came across a sign for a new housing development called Quarry Living. Why in the world would they call it that, you ask? Well, because the area they're building in used to be a giant rock quarry. It sounds like something out of The Flintstones.

Seriously, how is advertising that your house used to be a rock pile a big selling feature? What's next? Indian burial ground condos? Toxic waste townhomes? Garbage dump apartments? Yabba Dabba De-lightful.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A couple weekends before Halloween I went with some friends to a birthday party downtown. It was a dress-up party, and oh what a dress-up party it was. The birthday boy was the splitting image Gene Simmons of KISS, enormous platform boots and all. Guests were taking bets on how long it would take him to fall over. His wife was wearing an Alice in Wonderland's Evil Queen costume. Her hubby had picked it out, hence its boobyliciousness.

The party was pretty fun. It was in the little party room at their appartment building, which was kinda random. Especially since you needed a key to go to the bathroom and get back into the party. There were plenty of good snacks, which is always a plus. I don't remember much, but I do remember blaring Lady Gaga and jumping up and down on the couch, shoeless. At one point a girl puked red wine ALL over the stairs and the hallway... And she was at the age where you think she'd have been able to hold her booze.

At about midnight snacks arrived: gourmet hot dogs! They were pretty good. I think I had 2 and my friend had 3. Drunk hot dogs are the best!

After the party we decided to head back to the girl's place where we were staying, along with her boyfriend and his friend that has a crush on my friend. We drank and laughed for a while before I decided to head to bed.

I kept waiting for my friend to come join me, but was happy to see her with the cute boy on the couch in the morning. Score! Or so I thought. They'd cuddled the whole night and he hadn't tried anything. Not even one little kiss! All this after he'd told his friend he had a crush on her.

Men, here's a little secret. Yes, we like a little bit of holding back, a little bit of the chase too... but we also want to know you're interested. A little kiss-kiss is ok... as long as you're not harassing us to sleep with you. There's a fine line.

Not a Great Morning

As I was getting ready for work this morning my mom was on her way out the door, then she walked in and asked if I'd left my car window open last night. Definitely not. There was a pile of glass surrounding my smashed-in driver's side window.

What did they take? Well, a book of CD's (not my burned ones, the ones I'd actually paid for), a bag of clothes (not even mine, a sweatshirt and jeans a girlfriend had let me wear home one morning after a night of drinking), some $250 sunglasses, some runners, and the best part yet my insurance papers.

This all happened around 6am, so the person is clearly pretty ballsy to do this during a time people are getting up and leaving for work.

We called the cops, not that they're likely to be able to do much. The guy who showed up was kinda cute. Married though.

After that I had to take my car into the auto glass shop to get my window replaced. I had gotten a crack in my windshield the week before (on a side note, I'd had a chip for like 3 years and then got hit by a huge rock in a totally unrelated area which cracked right way) so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and just get it fixed at the same time.

The deductible on the windshield is $200 and on the car is $300. Of course you can't just pay ONE deductible, that would make too much sense. As it turns out it's much cheaper to just pay for the side window myself. Thanks for not even mentioning that, ICBC.

Total money lost today: windshield $200, side window $140, hours of work missed $170, CDs $200+, replacing registration papers $18. Having to tell my girlfriend she doesn't get her clothes back... priceless.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

An Opinion Piece

Last night on Survivor, Matt, who had just been on Redemption Island for the last 5 weeks, got to return to the game, only to be voted off again and return to his exile the same episode.

The entire episode he waxed poetic about how it must be God's Will. On and on and on... God this, Christian that.

Well, let me tell you... If God exists then he/she has better things to worry about than a reality TV show.

Our world is dealing with seemingly endless natural disasters lately, unrest in the Middle East, people in North America losing their homes, not to mention radioactive waste leaking into our ocean.

Get a fucking clue.