Thursday, March 03, 2011

Vegas Day Three

I woke up with a sore throat, headache and stuffy nose. Oh, had I failed to mention that on the airplane ride down the lady who sat beside me was coughing up a lung the entire time, and not even trying to cough into her arm or the corner? Yeah, I saw this one coming. There is such a thing as cold etiquette, people! Keep your germs to yourself!

We decided to hit the strip, walk around and check out a bunch of hotels. This was fun and all, but after a point all I wanted to do was go back to the room and nap... so I did.

I woke up a few hours later feeling refreshed. I hopped in the shower and started getting ready for the night. I assumed the girls would be back soon... but I waited, and waited and waited. Apparently they were busy walking around yelling "DAY DRUNK" and taking pictures with man-strippers. Do I sound bitter? Ok, I was jealous, I admit it. No day drunk for me.

We had dinner at PF Chang's that night and it was surprisingly good. It was more "real" Chinese-foody than I expected.

After dinner we hopped into a cab and headed to Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. The cab ride was one of the funniest things that happened the whole week. My "DTMF" girlfriend sat in the front with our Arabic driver and proceeded to grill him about how to say different things in his language. Unfortunately, he'd only been in the country 3 weeks or so and it was a bit of a challenge. Most of the things she was asking weren't exactly things you'd use on a daily basis as a cabbie. The main thing she was trying to learn to say was "Do you want to have sex with me?" She kept trying to explain it in different ways to get him to understand, finally blurting out: "What would you say if I wanted to ask you to have sex with me?" Without skipping a beat he turned to her and stated: "I would say... No problem!" I almost peed myself laughing.

Voodoo Lounge is super cool because it's way up on the 51st floor and the view is amazing. However, the other patrons left a little bit to be desired. It must have been classic rock night or something, because the dance floor was full of 45-year-old men. We grabbed a drink and headed to the edge of the patio that overlooked the VIP section. We were watching a super-drunk man dancing at what seemed to be a work party. He started to walk over to say hi to us, and two women stopped him. We couldn't overhear the conversation, but there was definitely some finger wagging.

We left Voodoo and headed across the street to The Palms, which has 2 clubs. We stopped in at Ghost first. It had a really nice set up, and like Voodoo had a large patio with a great view. It even had areas of the floor that were see-thru, just like in the CN Tower. However, just like its name, Ghost was empty. (Except for some little Asian boys from Burnaby that we met. Small world.)

Once again we bailed and headed to our final desination: Moon. I will describe our time at Moon as a drunk dance-a-thon shit-show. We somehow ended up in a breakdance circle pretending we were in Step Up 3D. I remember at some point a guy jumped on the floor and dove through my legs and then started doing the worm... And I distinctly remember someone taping us on his iPhone and hoping I wasn't going to end up on You Tube. So far so good!

My feet were killing me so I talked a guy into letting us chill with him and his friends at their table... where I proceeded to jump barefoot onto the speaker and start dancing. The bouncer walked over and I was waiting for him to tell me to get the hell down, and he only told me to put my shoes back on. Vegas is so much cooler than Vancouver! Day 3 was a success!

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