Friday, March 04, 2011

Vegas Day Four

Our fourth day in Vegas was another sleep in, then go to the pool day. Except that this time everyone was even more hungover and I went by myself. The girls trickled in one by one to join me.

The pool this day was filled with entertaining people to meet. Two British ladies walked over and started a conversation with me... about how their brother over there on the other side of the pool thinks I'm cute and I should go over and talk to him. He was fat, bald, and wearing a cowboy hat. YES! Totally my type! (Obviously kidding.) Oh yeah, I should mention that these ladies didn't have posh sounding accents, like hot black British guy, or Harry Potter... they had total cockney accents. So what they were saying came out like: "Do ye want to meet me brotha? He fancies you! He's a fine bloke, me brotha!" I politely declined.

There were also a couple of guys sitting near us that we had our eyes on.
Can you say abs? When we finally started talking to them it turned out they were from Prince George. I'm telling you, half the people you meet in Vegas are from BC. And once we got to talking we discovered that they were going to be on our plane ride home. I was flirting with one of them when he mentioned that we should join the Mile High Club on the way home. I laughed it off.

After pool time we headed to Pink's for a hot dog. Well, mine was more of a burrito that happened to have a wiener (well, 2 weiners) in it. It was huge and it had chili and cheese and tomatoes. The chili was delicious. I'd order it again but I think I'd actually rather have it sans-weiner.

That night the other 2 girls went to see "O" by Cirque de Soliel while we napped. Well, tried to nap, the neighbors were at it again! We met the girls after their show for dinner at an Italian restarant in the Venetian. It seemed really strange to be eating pasta at 10ish at night.

The restaurant we were at didn't have its own restroom, you had to use the hotel ones, but we discovered that we could sneak into the adjoining restaurant and use theirs. I walked through the glass doors, and then headed up the stairs... Where I was greeted by a male bathroom attendant... Who opened the bathroom door for me. Interesting. Then I walked into the bathroom, and he accompanied me, and opened the stall door too. Strange. It turned out that this bathroom won an award in 2009 for America's Best Public Restooms. Everything in there is marble, with gold trim. There's even a lion's head fountain and fancy murals on the wall.

We took it easy on Freemont Street that night. Walked around with a couple of beers and watched the light show, which was a "Born to be Wild" theme featuring motorcycles and skulls. We then hopped a cab to the Wynn and Encore to follow up crappy Vegas with schmancy Vegas! And then walked the entire way back. A lovely walk to end a lovely day.

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