Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegas Day Five

Yes, we are the only people that stay in Vegas longer than 4 days.

I awoke to hear the people in the room next to us having sex again. Seriously, I was starting to get jealous. We got up, packed up, and took our luggage downstairs to store for the day before we had to head to the airport.

There were a few things we had wanted to do in Vegas, but hadn't yet, so we figured we better get around to it. My girlfriend had her heart SET on going on the gondola ride at the Ventian so we figured why not. The thing is there are two sets, an indoor and an outdoor ride, and they aren't connected. We set out to get some info about them, and it wasn't as easy as you'd think. We waited in the inside line, only to be told that we had to buy our tickets elsewhere, so we went to the place to buy tickets and got some more info. The outside ride is about a minute less than the inside ride, but it was gorgeous out so we decided on that one and had to head back outside. The ride was kind of fun, even though it lasted only about 6-7 minutes I think? The gondola guy was super nice and he sang to us in Italian (hot.) He also was telling us that about once a month someone falls into the water there. Vegas crazies I tell ya!

Nothing makes me hungrier than boating in 6-inch water so we decided to grab a cab to In-N-Out Burger. It was all our our first times and we'd heard amazing things. The burger was in fact pretty delicious, but the fries weren't great. Kind of a weird texture, like those popcorn twists that melt in your mouth. Mickey D's still definitely has the best fries on record.

After that we sorta wandered the strip until it was time to go home. I remember for some reason standing in front of the fountain at the Bellagio for about a half hour. Oh yeah, I think my friend wanted picutres (even though I'm sure she had taken a hundred already) and we got there JUST too late for the previous show.

As we were meandering along I do remember a guy hitting on me... and calling me "Sugarbum." Best nickname ever! Honestly, I will answer to Sugarbum from now on.

At the airport I ate a Cinnabon and it was the most delicious thing ever. Why did they ever take them out of the Abby/Langley malls? Oh yeah, for the sake of my Sugarbum :)

On the plane I was the hit of the party. I don't even remember how it happened but I ended up telling the couple behind to to stop it with the PDA (they weren't even making out,) and the husband was totally joking around with me while the wife was looking embarassed. Also there was this semi-cute Asian guy behind me who I was chatting with and turned out to be a DJ from Vancouver. He kept telling how awesome he was... and then at the end when I was like "So what are you, DJ Awesome?" um yeah he was. DJ Johnny Awesome to be specific.

Oh yeah, and remember the guy I met in the pool that was on our same flight? When my friend got up to go to the bathroom he came and sat beside me... And asked me to join the Mile High Club with him again. I laughed and said no. He replied with "Why wouldn't you?" and kept asking me why not. Um... I don't know you, you probably have herpes, the bathrooms are yucky, and not to mention tiny. Shall I go on? He returned to his seat. (Oh but he did text me later that night and say he had nowhere to stay so could he stay at my house? I told him to ask my Dad.)

We touched down, grabbed our luggage and headed home. (With a quick stop at the duty free for some Grey Goose... so cheap!)

All in all it was a very successful ladies trip. I can't wait to go back!

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