Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vegas Day Two

After a nice sleep-in we woke around noon (I haven't slept that late since I was a teenager) and decided to head down to the pool. Well, those of us that weren't trying not to toss our cookies went. Brit guy's friends had all left that morning to he came and joined us for a while.

The pool at Planet Hollywood is sort of disappointing. The pool patio area is enormous, but there are only 2 small pools, and the vast majority of chairs around them are cabanas or misting chairs that you have to pay for. It was hard to find a few loungers all together. You had to be ready to pounce when anyone left. It made me miss the lazy river from MJM where I'd stayed last time.

That night one friend and I headed to see The Beatles - Love Cirque de Soliel show. (The other girls were going to see "O" later in the week.) We were in the 4th row and it was fantastic. At one point this huge sheet comes across the audience and covers you. Underneath it the guy with a teapot waved at us. We giggled like schoolgirls. We thought it covered the whole audience but apparently it was only the first couple rows. I've seen a couple Cirque's but I really liked knowing the words to the music. It was funny too, that when the show ended and the cast was walking around the stage waving and bowing that we kept getting checked out by the boys.

We left the show and our other friends met us at BLT Burger for some din-din. The burger I had was only ok, but my friend had the Veggie Falafal burger which was amazing. The best part were the boozy milkshakes though. We had the "Night Rider" which had Kahlua, chocolate liquer, Oreos and chocolate ice cream. It may have been the tastiest thing I've ever put in my mouth.

That night we headed down the strip and gambled for a bit at the Flamingo. It was kinda cool because right beside my Three Card Poker table was a stage where girls were dancing in some awesome pink lingerie. Gotta get me some of that! (The lingerie, not the girls.) At the table I was sitting beside a guy from Wisonsin who kept slamming Vancouver. He was all: "Ooh do they finally have running water up there?" Hello buddy, Vancouver is one of the prettiest places on earth and you live in WISCONSIN. Friggin' Cheesehead!

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