Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vegas Baby! Day One

In September I took a trip with 3 of my girlfriends to Las Vegas. It was in one word, epic.

Day one: Arrival in Vegas around 3:00. We checked in at Planet Hollywood and headed upstairs to take a look. We were in the Beetlejuice themed room, bloody arm in the coffee table and all. We had a nice view of the pool area with the Bellagio fountain in the distance. The bathroom was the best... It was enormous, with a mirror and sink on both sides. Enough room for 4 girls to share with no fights. And that's saying something.

We headed downstairs to wander around. It took us probably 2 hours to even leave our hotel. First stop was boozy slushies. My two girlfriends got one of those guitars to share and it took them a half hour of not getting anything through the straw until they finally took my advice that the straw had a hole in it and went to get a new one. They weren't even drunk yet, just that slow.

For dinner we ate at this southern place in the hotel. The main reason was because I saw that they had Dorito-crusted mac and cheese. Then I saw that they had deep-fried pickles on the menu, which I'd been DYING to try. They're actually pretty good. They've got the dill flavour, but a fun crunchiness.

That night we headed to Koi Lounge, the club in our hotel. We had gotten tickets that for $20 allowed us to skip the line/cover and drink for free all night. HELLO! The bar was kind of empty, but picking up when the hostess asked us if we wanted to go "entertain" some guys in the VIP section. Well, why not? They turned out to be from Alberta and owned an oil company. Goodbye crappy vodka, hello Grey Goose and Red Bull! We even had a girl to pour our drinks for us. Two of my friends seemed to be getting along nicely with two of the boys. I told one that she should make out with him, to hear her answer "I already did!" Atta girl! Our other friend, the only non-single lady, wasn't DTF, she was DTMF (down to make friends.)

Around this point we'd decided to leave the club to go see some strippers. I was gathering everyone together and we were almost at the door when my one girlfriend literally RAN away from me with her guy. I chased her out the door yelling for her to wait and like a stubborn two-year-old she grinned at me and ran in the opposite direction.

At this point two guys ran upto me, grabbed my hand and convinced me to stay. I thought they worked at the club, but it turned out they were from England here visiting. My remaining friends and I were talking to them for a few minutes and the guy from Alberta who my friend had kissed got all jealous. Seriously buddy? I wasn't about to go see the strippers with Sir-Rage-Alot so we stayed at the club.

My two friends left to grab some pizza and I stayed to talk to one of the British guys. Half black, super tall, cute accent. In my drunken stupor we were having some seriously deep conversations... religion, politics... all the things you aren't supposed to talk about. Around 3am I let him walk my back to my room. I was surprised that no-one was back yet.

I made out with him for a few minutes on the bed when the door opened and my friend who'd taken off to the stripclub appeared with her man. She'd had a great time, considering she'd been asked to stop touching the strippers while getting a lap dance. Since the main room was "taken" they headed into the bathroom. Brit guy and I had no idea what was going on, but we could hear talking, banging around and stuff hitting the floor. (It turned out it wasn't as exciting as it sounded through the door.) To further the experience we started to hear moaning through the wall from the couple next door. (Which was on and off for 2 days.)

My friends showed up from having pizza, the boys left and we headed to bed. Normally this would be where the story ended for the night, except my one friend was so drunk that she slept-walked out the door and got locked out. We were so passed out that no-one woke up to her pounding on the door so she had to go downstairs in her tank top and booty shorts, where they escorted her back upstairs and she was finally let in.

To sum it up, everybody got Vegas kissy-face except my friend with a boyfriend = good night :)

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