Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Monster Ball

I had the wonderful luck in August to win tickets to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball... and just like the last show I'd seen of hers, it was amazing. When I'd seen Gaga previously it was at the Queen Elizabeth Theater, which was a smaller, more intimate venue, and this time it was at GM Place (or was it already Roger's Arena by then?) so the shows were completely different. If last time I got a glimpse into Gaga's soul, this time it was into her imagination.

I decided that I didn't want to dress up in any crazy costumes, but I definitely wanted to do a hair bow. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to use ALL my hair, because my attempt fell a little flat. Take a look:

I decided to use it to my advantage though and go for a Jackie-O type look. Yes, that is my mom's shirt that I used as a dress. Good eye!

I met up with my friend down town and grabbed some food across from the arena to avoid paying 30-some-odd bucks for a hot dog dinner. I had a falafel from the place right next to the Stadium Skytrain station and it was fantastic!

The whole idea of the Monster Ball is following Lady Gaga and her friends on a crazy night out, through twists and turns, ending up at the "Monster's Ball." First they started taking the subway:

There were some spectactular costumes, including what looked like a giant snowflake:

And something that looked like a white, furry ottoman:

She even ended up playing a piano with a flaming tornado at one point!

At the end we'd finally arrived at the Monster Ball... and monster it was all right, one of those crazy fish from the depth of the ocean that lures other fish with a glowing ball... but with big tentacles too!

What actually really stuck with me from the show wasn't the costumes or songs... it was her attitude. She wanted her show to be a place where everyone can hang out and really be themselves, whoever that was. White, black, straight, gay... all were welcome. She made you feel like you were important, and you matter. She even shares a bit about herself, how she had to deal with the alcoholism of her father and other friends, but came out a better song writer for it. She also talked about how she holds her Canadian fans near and dear, because "Just Dance" went number one here before she was popular in the states at all. You leave the concert feeling like she really loves her fans, and that you are who you are, and you're all right.

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