Friday, December 10, 2010

The Italian Job Part Uno

In July I met a guy.(Ooh I made a rhyme.) An Italian guy. We got together for coffee and things went really well. First of all he had no problem driving out to see me from Burnaby, which is a plus. We sat in the sun at Starbucks and chatted.

It wasn't one of those job-interview-type first dates... we just talked about our families and friends and things we had in common. Joked around a lot. (Best thing we talked about: His friend has a book where he writes down info about all the girls he sleeps with. I'm not just talking a list of names... but the names, how many times they did it, when, where etc...)

This guy is tall (yes!), a little skinnier than I ususally go for, but a cute face and he seemed really sweet. He lives at home, but owns a rental property, is going to school, and has a not-bad job.

For our next date we'd planned to grab some dinner and watch a movie... but then my girlfriend called me with some free tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert. It killed me... but I said no, because I didn't want to ditch the guy. When I told him I'd given up tickets to see him he had no problem telling me I could go, but I kept true to my original plans. When he got to my house he handed me a blank DVD and told me to put it in. He'd downloaded a whole BSB concert and burned it for me. It was the perfect idea. I love little things like that, that don't cost a lot of money, but show someone is thinking of you. Major cudos.

That was the first night we kissed. It was nice but nothing amazing. (His breath wasn't the gretest, but it happens.)

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