Friday, December 10, 2010

The Italian Job, Part Tre

I continued to date Itlian guy for a while, but I'd started to notice something. A smell situation.

At first I didn't know if it was his breath, or just his "personal smell" (Ahem... remember Sad Fireman, this is huge for me!) but there was definitely something going on... And it was starting to skeeve me out.

I needed to play detective and find out where the smell was coming from. So, the next time we said goodbye I went in for a long hug where I could do a nice, drawn-out, creepy sniff ... and it was all good. Then, a small kiss... ding, ding, ding! Jackpot!

As someone who's in the dental profession this is a huge deal for me. I decided I needed to tell him, because if he has some sort of gum disease he needs to know. Also, I liked him, and if this relatinship was going to progress we needed to fix this problem. As well, we'd decided to book a trip down south to his rental property, and I wanted this sorted out before then.

I called him up and told him, and it was pretty much the most awkward thing ever. He ended up thanking me for telling him, and booked an appointment with his dentist. I told him that I thought he deserved to be told so he could do something about it, before I just fully pulled away from him. Especially since we were booked to go away together.

Turns out his dentist says everything is fine and he has excellent dental health. Uh oh! What to do now?

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