Friday, December 10, 2010

The Italian Job, Part Quattro

I decided to give Italian guy a couple more tries after we'd had the talk and he'd gone to see his dentist. However, I think because of the breath thing I was just getting turned off and everything he did was starting to annoy me:

1. Someone got a scratch on his car when we were parked at a restaurant and I swear he had a temper tantrum. It's a car, not a baby. You'll be ok.

2. Too skinny. I could put my arm around him and it was like the same as if I'd put my arm around myself. I even asked him if he was going to the gym to get built up a bit and he was like "Well I don't wanna get TOO big." HA! I mentioned that I could probably squat more than him and he answered "Oh, for sure!" At least we agreed!

3. He came over and we went to eat at a southern restaurant I'd been wanting to try, where he ate his ribs with a fork and a knife. This may seem normal to some people... but I'm not fancy like that. If I can eat any food with my hands I will. If I'm at home alone I'll even eat asparagas with my fingers. Plus it's ribs! This is as bad as when I witnessed a co-worker eating french fries with cutlery, cutting pieces off and dipping them individually in ketchup.

4. He's never tried macaroni and cheese. Not homemade, not KD. And he WON'T try it. Like a stubborn toddler.

After the last time I'd seen him he BBM'd me saying "I'm getting the feeling you're just not that into this." So, what did we do? Breakup via BBM. At least with the breath talk I'd had the guys to CALL him and talk about it. I said we could still be friends, he didn't want to. And that was that.

Oh wait, no it wasn't... we still needed to decide what to do with our upcoming trip!

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