Friday, December 10, 2010

The Italian Job, Finito

The conversation (AHEM, I mean BBM chat) about what to do with our plane tickets wasn't too fun. I had offered to still go on a trip together as friends, but apparently he wasn't ok with separate bedrooms.

I mentioned to him that if we didn't go that I wasn't too stoked to lose $260. He replied that he wasn't too stoked to have spent all that money on dinners if we were just going to be "friends." Lovely. I answered that taking digs wasn't really being productive, so let's just deal with this.

We decided that he would try and get a friend to come with him, and the friend could just pay me. I phoned and talked to someone at the airline who assured me that if we paid the $100 transfer fee that the friend could take my ticket, no other charges or problems.

I'd mentioned to Italian guy that I thought it was fair that since I was willing to go on the trip, and he wasn't willing to bring me that we split the cancellation fee down the middle. Apparently he didn't think it was fair at all, because he'd already spent enough money.

When he called to change the flight to his friend's name we ran into a problem. The airline wanted his friend to pay the new price of the tickets, which had gone way up, not what we'd originally paid for them. And since the new price was too high they weren't even gonna go, so I'd have to pay the cancellation fee and take a credit.

I called back and talked to a manage and a half hour later had the whole thing straightened out.  The rep I'd initially talked to should never have told me that there were no extra fees to change the seats. I was proud of myself. I stayed super calm, and was nice and used big girl words like "unimpressed" and "misinformed."

When I told Italian Guy that everyting was smoothed out, he could still go on the trip with his friend he ws super happy. Then I told him that since I'd pretty much saved his trip I was wondering if he'd reconsider halving that cancellation fee. He didn't reply.

Later that day he sent me an email money order for the cash I was owed Oh, and he added $20 bucks towards the $100 cancellation fee. Wow, thanks a lot!

Maybe I missed out on dating a big baby. I'm starting to feel like you never know someone's true personality until they don't get what they want. That's when the real demons come out. Oh well, back on the prowl.

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