Friday, December 10, 2010

Italian Job Continued - Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

For date number three we decided to head downtown for some shopping and dinner. We headed to the Guess store because I wanted a new pair of jeans. My aboslute favourite jeans were Guess and I wanted to find the closest I could to them. I even wrote down all the info to bring with me.

The jeans I wore all the time were size 27, and I decided to grab some 27's and 28's to try on. The staff members were telling that their sizing was skewed so I should actually be grabbing 26's and 27's instead. I was dubious, but agreed.

It was kind of awesome. There were like 3 staff members that kept grabbing different pairs and coming up to me asking if I wanted to try them... so I just kept throwing more on the pile.

They also kept trying to convince me to try on some skinny jeans. Ummm... most of you have seem my bum. Let's face it, I'm bottom heavy. I would look like an upside down triangle. I even told her this. She tells me that Beyonce wears them and she's the same way. So I grabbed one pair to appease her.

I went back to the changeroom and started the process. I grabbed a size 26 first... it could barely come up past my knees. So I grabbed a 27... it could barely go higher. I had a 28 in the pile... which I got on, but it was tight. This was the most embarassing thing ever. I had a huge pile, and had to ask them to get my bigger sizes in everything.

When it came down to it the 28's and 29's were what fit me. I was feeling like a fat loser who thinks she's skinny but isn't. It also didn't help that a guy that I JUST started seeing is witnessing the whole event. Oh, and I tried on the skinny jeans. He told me I looked like an exclaimation mark. It ws funny because it was true. I ended up buying 2 pairs.

After this debaucle we headed to Below the Belt where I saw some Mavi's that seemed like they might fit. Low and behold... they did, AND they were size 27. I felt redeemed! I'm NOT a fatass! Well, I do have a fat ASS, but not my whole body in general. Whew! Apparently the people at the Guess store were right when they said their sizes were skewed, just in the OPPOSITE way of what they'd told me!

Again, I bought 2 pairs, so I had to head back to Guess to return one of the originals. I was getting the stink eye from everyone. It was horrible.

Once I got home I realized that the Mavi's came up a little higher in the waist than I was used to... not mom-jeans high, but more than I'd like. I guess that will teach me to try them on wearing a dress on top pulled up instead of a shirt.

In the end I had 3 pairs of jeans that I like, but not love. I never did find a pair to replace my worn-out favourite pair. I still have some work to do.

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