Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 Billion

Interesting video on the world's population... I love this stuff!

Or see it without the ad here:

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Italian Job, Finito

The conversation (AHEM, I mean BBM chat) about what to do with our plane tickets wasn't too fun. I had offered to still go on a trip together as friends, but apparently he wasn't ok with separate bedrooms.

I mentioned to him that if we didn't go that I wasn't too stoked to lose $260. He replied that he wasn't too stoked to have spent all that money on dinners if we were just going to be "friends." Lovely. I answered that taking digs wasn't really being productive, so let's just deal with this.

We decided that he would try and get a friend to come with him, and the friend could just pay me. I phoned and talked to someone at the airline who assured me that if we paid the $100 transfer fee that the friend could take my ticket, no other charges or problems.

I'd mentioned to Italian guy that I thought it was fair that since I was willing to go on the trip, and he wasn't willing to bring me that we split the cancellation fee down the middle. Apparently he didn't think it was fair at all, because he'd already spent enough money.

When he called to change the flight to his friend's name we ran into a problem. The airline wanted his friend to pay the new price of the tickets, which had gone way up, not what we'd originally paid for them. And since the new price was too high they weren't even gonna go, so I'd have to pay the cancellation fee and take a credit.

I called back and talked to a manage and a half hour later had the whole thing straightened out.  The rep I'd initially talked to should never have told me that there were no extra fees to change the seats. I was proud of myself. I stayed super calm, and was nice and used big girl words like "unimpressed" and "misinformed."

When I told Italian Guy that everyting was smoothed out, he could still go on the trip with his friend he ws super happy. Then I told him that since I'd pretty much saved his trip I was wondering if he'd reconsider halving that cancellation fee. He didn't reply.

Later that day he sent me an email money order for the cash I was owed Oh, and he added $20 bucks towards the $100 cancellation fee. Wow, thanks a lot!

Maybe I missed out on dating a big baby. I'm starting to feel like you never know someone's true personality until they don't get what they want. That's when the real demons come out. Oh well, back on the prowl.

The Italian Job, Part Quattro

I decided to give Italian guy a couple more tries after we'd had the talk and he'd gone to see his dentist. However, I think because of the breath thing I was just getting turned off and everything he did was starting to annoy me:

1. Someone got a scratch on his car when we were parked at a restaurant and I swear he had a temper tantrum. It's a car, not a baby. You'll be ok.

2. Too skinny. I could put my arm around him and it was like the same as if I'd put my arm around myself. I even asked him if he was going to the gym to get built up a bit and he was like "Well I don't wanna get TOO big." HA! I mentioned that I could probably squat more than him and he answered "Oh, for sure!" At least we agreed!

3. He came over and we went to eat at a southern restaurant I'd been wanting to try, where he ate his ribs with a fork and a knife. This may seem normal to some people... but I'm not fancy like that. If I can eat any food with my hands I will. If I'm at home alone I'll even eat asparagas with my fingers. Plus it's ribs! This is as bad as when I witnessed a co-worker eating french fries with cutlery, cutting pieces off and dipping them individually in ketchup.

4. He's never tried macaroni and cheese. Not homemade, not KD. And he WON'T try it. Like a stubborn toddler.

After the last time I'd seen him he BBM'd me saying "I'm getting the feeling you're just not that into this." So, what did we do? Breakup via BBM. At least with the breath talk I'd had the guys to CALL him and talk about it. I said we could still be friends, he didn't want to. And that was that.

Oh wait, no it wasn't... we still needed to decide what to do with our upcoming trip!

The Italian Job, Part Tre

I continued to date Itlian guy for a while, but I'd started to notice something. A smell situation.

At first I didn't know if it was his breath, or just his "personal smell" (Ahem... remember Sad Fireman, this is huge for me!) but there was definitely something going on... And it was starting to skeeve me out.

I needed to play detective and find out where the smell was coming from. So, the next time we said goodbye I went in for a long hug where I could do a nice, drawn-out, creepy sniff ... and it was all good. Then, a small kiss... ding, ding, ding! Jackpot!

As someone who's in the dental profession this is a huge deal for me. I decided I needed to tell him, because if he has some sort of gum disease he needs to know. Also, I liked him, and if this relatinship was going to progress we needed to fix this problem. As well, we'd decided to book a trip down south to his rental property, and I wanted this sorted out before then.

I called him up and told him, and it was pretty much the most awkward thing ever. He ended up thanking me for telling him, and booked an appointment with his dentist. I told him that I thought he deserved to be told so he could do something about it, before I just fully pulled away from him. Especially since we were booked to go away together.

Turns out his dentist says everything is fine and he has excellent dental health. Uh oh! What to do now?

The Lion King Musical

Naaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba!!

This July I went to see the Lion King musical with my mom, aunt and friend Nick. We met up for some drinks and food first at the Shark Club and then headed over to the Queen E.

 At the beginning of the show all the animals walk in from the back for when they first present Simba, and I was sitting there with a wide-mouthed grin like a 4-year-old. There was even a huge elephant with a little kid elephant holding its tail. So cute!

The costumes were amazing... the actors were dressed up as everything from zebras, to antelope, to tall grass.

The music was obviously good... especially when you know all the words to the songs... except they threw in a few new songs in for filler. Bullshit! I was joking with Nick that maybe Elton John would pop out for a surprise performance, to which he replied that he wanted him to do: "Saturday, saturday, saturday!"

The show was actually funnier than I thought it was going to be, too. Good ol' Zazu.

This show gets two lion paws up from me, and is definitely worth the money if it comes back to Vancouver!

Italian Job Continued - Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

For date number three we decided to head downtown for some shopping and dinner. We headed to the Guess store because I wanted a new pair of jeans. My aboslute favourite jeans were Guess and I wanted to find the closest I could to them. I even wrote down all the info to bring with me.

The jeans I wore all the time were size 27, and I decided to grab some 27's and 28's to try on. The staff members were telling that their sizing was skewed so I should actually be grabbing 26's and 27's instead. I was dubious, but agreed.

It was kind of awesome. There were like 3 staff members that kept grabbing different pairs and coming up to me asking if I wanted to try them... so I just kept throwing more on the pile.

They also kept trying to convince me to try on some skinny jeans. Ummm... most of you have seem my bum. Let's face it, I'm bottom heavy. I would look like an upside down triangle. I even told her this. She tells me that Beyonce wears them and she's the same way. So I grabbed one pair to appease her.

I went back to the changeroom and started the process. I grabbed a size 26 first... it could barely come up past my knees. So I grabbed a 27... it could barely go higher. I had a 28 in the pile... which I got on, but it was tight. This was the most embarassing thing ever. I had a huge pile, and had to ask them to get my bigger sizes in everything.

When it came down to it the 28's and 29's were what fit me. I was feeling like a fat loser who thinks she's skinny but isn't. It also didn't help that a guy that I JUST started seeing is witnessing the whole event. Oh, and I tried on the skinny jeans. He told me I looked like an exclaimation mark. It ws funny because it was true. I ended up buying 2 pairs.

After this debaucle we headed to Below the Belt where I saw some Mavi's that seemed like they might fit. Low and behold... they did, AND they were size 27. I felt redeemed! I'm NOT a fatass! Well, I do have a fat ASS, but not my whole body in general. Whew! Apparently the people at the Guess store were right when they said their sizes were skewed, just in the OPPOSITE way of what they'd told me!

Again, I bought 2 pairs, so I had to head back to Guess to return one of the originals. I was getting the stink eye from everyone. It was horrible.

Once I got home I realized that the Mavi's came up a little higher in the waist than I was used to... not mom-jeans high, but more than I'd like. I guess that will teach me to try them on wearing a dress on top pulled up instead of a shirt.

In the end I had 3 pairs of jeans that I like, but not love. I never did find a pair to replace my worn-out favourite pair. I still have some work to do.

The Italian Job Part Uno

In July I met a guy.(Ooh I made a rhyme.) An Italian guy. We got together for coffee and things went really well. First of all he had no problem driving out to see me from Burnaby, which is a plus. We sat in the sun at Starbucks and chatted.

It wasn't one of those job-interview-type first dates... we just talked about our families and friends and things we had in common. Joked around a lot. (Best thing we talked about: His friend has a book where he writes down info about all the girls he sleeps with. I'm not just talking a list of names... but the names, how many times they did it, when, where etc...)

This guy is tall (yes!), a little skinnier than I ususally go for, but a cute face and he seemed really sweet. He lives at home, but owns a rental property, is going to school, and has a not-bad job.

For our next date we'd planned to grab some dinner and watch a movie... but then my girlfriend called me with some free tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert. It killed me... but I said no, because I didn't want to ditch the guy. When I told him I'd given up tickets to see him he had no problem telling me I could go, but I kept true to my original plans. When he got to my house he handed me a blank DVD and told me to put it in. He'd downloaded a whole BSB concert and burned it for me. It was the perfect idea. I love little things like that, that don't cost a lot of money, but show someone is thinking of you. Major cudos.

That was the first night we kissed. It was nice but nothing amazing. (His breath wasn't the gretest, but it happens.)