Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding in Harrison

The girlfriend whose stagette I went to recently in Jasper got married this summer. I brought my friend Nick, aka my go-to-date-guy as my, you guessed it, date, because I knew he would be a tonne of fun.

The morning started early when I picked the bride's friend and her fiance up from the airport in Abbotsford. The bride had thought they were getting in the day before and sent her dad to the airport to grab them... oops! So I stepped up to do the shuttle gig. We made a quick stop at Winners to grab a belt and a wedding card.

Once we got home we had some breakie, then had some time to chill so we played a few rounds of "Buzz" the quiz show game for Playstation. For those who have never played, it's crazy fun. Unless you suck, then it's no good. We got a little carried away, then had to rush to get dressed. We left super early to get out to Chilliwack on time, but as it was we were super early.

The wedding ceremony was short and sweet, and we headed out to Harrison Hot Springs where the reception was to be held, and started pre-drinking in our rooms.

A little later we headed down for the reception. It was definitely an interesting mix of people. The groom used to be into some not-so-wonderful things back in the day, and you could definitely tell whose side was whose. The bride's girls were kinda staight and narrow, but fun, while the other side consisted of guys whose occupation we'll define as "self-employed entrepreneurs" and their fake-boobed, short-dressed girlfriends.

The food was average... strangely enough the buffet had been set up in reverse order... entrees first, buns and salads last. The DJ was horrendous. He played way too many slow songs, and didn't even know who any of the artists were that we were requesting. He didn't even know Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married! I mean, come ON! She had told him we wanted to hear the tunes that were popular around 2003-2004 when we started clubbing, and he just was clueless.

Of course we made the wedding fun anyways. It's always great to see one of your friends happy and settled down... and the twixer of Vokda in our room didn't hurt either.

The next morning I woke up hangover free and let Nick convince me to take a ride on his Harley. I'm not a bike person at all, but I have to admit, it's nice. More street-bike looking than leather-clad guy with a beard. The only problem was it wasn't heavy enough to press the line that opens the garage door in the undergorund parking. We had to squeeze out behind someone else. And then I took a ride. One whole block. We went to sushi where the waitress offered me a fork. What a weekend.

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